Show 114 – The Ocho, Best Food in the MLB, and Eight Bridges Brewing

Show 114 starts with some infrastructure problems and the editing purge continues. Stig then unfortunately starts the show off with a major-label beer. The pair then discuss what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:44, Stig challenges the listeners to rate the show on iTunes. As part of the review, if you’d like to guess Bill’s birth weight, feel free to. Stig and Bill then discuss the recent celebration of birth. Bill then mentions the one day branding of ESPNU to “The Ocho”. Stig mentions a few of the less covered sports that aired that day. The Disney streaming startup is also pondered.

At 13:28, Bill gets annoyed by a Disney tweet. Stig talks a little about the craft brewing scene around the San Francisco Bay area and specifically Eight Bridge Brewing in Livermore, California. Bill talks about the state leaders blaming Texas’ problems on big cities.

At 21:10, Bill mentions the death of Mai’s founder this past week. Stig ventures into a little discussion on the Taylor Swift trial which goes in a really bad direction. HEB grocery chain’s expansion into a few areas is also discussed.

At 27:50, The show wraps up with talk about the best food in the MLB. Stig mentions the upcoming Heights Brewery Bike Tour returning a bit too soon. Bill admits a mistake. The segment ends with what’s new for the guys this week.

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Show 113 – Politics, Politics, Politics, Gold Cup!

Show 113 starts with a discussion about escaping Houston heat and the week countdown to Bill’s birthday.

At 3:10, the segment starts with the guys discussing which beers they are drinking this week. Stig briefly mentions the insect bite scale. The press secretary shake up and changes this week are mused about. Bill then talks about the chief of staff firing.

At 13:39, Stig and Bill talk about Health Care vote and John McCain.

At 21:11, Stig gets a Twitter reply! Stig questions Bill through his 50 years of crazy. A musical quiz to determine your age works for Stig, not for Bill. Then Bill tell about Styx trip to NASA.

James Cordon Sings to Transgendered Troops

At 32:10, the final segment starts with the military transgender ban. Stig and Bill then talk about the Gold Cup results and a little history of the tournament. The show wraps up with Bill and a new diner, Stig talks about the moon.

Show 112 – Rockets for Sale, Drug Field Testing Gone

Show 112 starts with Bill giving a little education on beer. Stig notes that there is no Italian collusion with the Java Muses.

At 4:02, Stig and Bill look at the details of the special legislative session for Texas. Included in the discussion is some of the Governor’s special issues. The segment ends with a ranking of office rental space in the state.

At 12:58, in the business news segment, Bill notes the interesting problem the Rocket’s sale includes. There is also a discussion on a few of the potential buyers of the team.

At 18:50, Stig mentions a new policy in cooperation between the city and sheriff’s offices about field drug testing and a very large number of false positives and false confessions. On a lighter note, Bill explains an unwelcomed beer tasting.

At 25:10, the show wraps up with a sports segment including the recent Copa de Oro game at BBVA, a major Astros injury, and what’s new for Bill and Stig.

Show 111 – TABC & Spec’s, Njuda, and Heights Bier Garten

Show 111 starts with a discussion on vanilla in beer and a preview on what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:42, Stig and Bill discuss baseball, uniforms and mixed messages. Also included in the segment is an analysis on the current teams in the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament.

At 14:30, Bill details some Austin funny business with the TABC and their dealings with Spec’s Liquor Stores.

At 22:08, Stig and Bill talk about their recent trip to Heights Bier Garten a bit of politics. The show ends with the pair telling what’s new to them

Show 110 – Astros All Stars and XanaDudes

Show 110 starts with a the brewer’s description of Stig’s beer the usual preview of what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:53, Stig and Bill talk about the Astros current performance and the selection of several players to the All Star Game. Stig also mentions the “new” pitcher with the worst ERA on the team.

At 12:59, Bill and Stig talk about the band, XanaDudes – Now We Are Here.

At 18:11, Stig builds bridges between the Astros and Yankees. Bill explains a new change in recycling in the city of Houston. A little disappointment in the Dynamo’s road performance is covered along with a little upcoming international soccer.

Concacaf Gold Cup

At 25:09, Bill and Stig discuss what’s new for each of them which includes podcast and plants.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Everybody Is A Star” – Sly and The Family Stone (iTunes)
  • “Nothing’s Gonna Bring Me Down” – David Baerwald (iTunes)
  • “Shake It Up” – The Cars (iTunes)
  • “No Good” – Kaleo (iTunes)

Show 109 – Pride Parade, Texas Travel Ban?, Metallica

Show 109 starts with a discussion of spoiled beer and current drinks. Also mentioned is what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:55, Bill and Stig give insights to the recent Pride Parade and talk a little about the changes over the years. Included is some analysis on the downtown location.

At 11:19, Stig tells about finally seeing a show at the NERG, it was Metallica.

At 15:44, Stig talks about getting a new, unwanted follower on Twitter. Bill covers Governor Abbott, Mayor Turner and his involvement with Houston being a sanctuary city, and a proposed Travel Ban to Texas!?

At 25:37, Stig has Astro and Dynamo news. He also mentions a small bit about former newscaster, Bob Boudreaux.

At 31:28, the show closes with both fine arts talk and a not-so-smart TV after all.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Scared” – Delta Rae (iTunes)
  • “Lightning Bolt” – Jake Bugg (iTunes)
  • “Hit The Lights” – Metallica (recorded live at NRG)
  • “Can’t Stop Dancin'” – Becky G (iTunes)
  • “So Good” – J. Geils Band (iTunes)