Show 98 – Zombie Mall, Levy Park, Soccer,

Show 98 starts with Bill and Stig discussing the rodeo and things around the rodeo. The pair also mentions what’s coming up on the show.

At 5:41, Stig and Bill talk and define the Zombie/Disco/Flying Pig Krogers and then discuss the Zombie Mall. After that, the pair discuss a new Heights restaurant that may harvest fish from Buffalo Bayou.

At 15:19, Stig and Bill have to keep talking about news from the White House including wiretapping and Sean Spicer antics. Stig then gives an eyewitness account of the new Levy Park. Bill follows up some reading news from Slate’s Culture Gabfest on 1984.

At 25:09, Stig discusses the Dynamo home opener win and some of the changes with both the team and broadcast. Bill gives a comprehensive report on the USWNT recent games. Stig wraps up the segment giving you the Dynamo schedule for April.

At 33:10, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new for them. Bill begins with refurbishing via memory foam. Stig sees La La Land finally but reports on the new American Einstein who can be found at

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Lost Weekend” – The So So Glos (iTunes)
  • “Every Wind (In The River)” – Taj Mahal (YouTube)
  • “Waves” – Sleeper Agent (iTunes)
  • “May the Cube Be With You)” – Thomas Dolby (iTunes)


Show 97 – New Marijuana Law, Bike Summit, and Bathroom Bill

Show 97 starts with a bit of discussion of what’s coming up on the show. Also mentioned is the upcoming Houston Bike Plan vote at City Hall.

At 4:05, Bill and Stig start the segment with what’s in their glasses. Stig then begins the discussion on the current D.A.’s new policies concerning marijauna. Stig also mentions several previous topics that are back in news again. Bill then tells about a possible new candidate to run in state elections.

At 14:30, Stig talks about the Bike Summit that happened a week or so ago and the various dignitaries taking part and supporting the Houston Bike Plan. Bill talks a little about the University of Texas pulling back on a proposed expansion into Houston. Bill then talks about silly legislative moves about the Chile flag.

At 22:39, Bill and Stig talk about upcoming events around Houston including St. Patrick’s Day and the Buffalo Bayou Regatta. Also discussed is the current art installation at the Cistern. Stig wraps up the segment with a nod to the final episode of Technology Bytes.

The musical interlude is a nod to our friend Conn Wirth who departed much too soon.

At 30:59, Stig references the wake for Bill’s former roommate. Stig then talks about actually breaking his phone. Bill talks about following the Texas legislature on Twitter and then the show ends with a little discussion on the “bathroom” bill.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Why” – David Baerwald (iTunes)
  • “You Ready, Let’s Roll” – Bob Schneider (YouTube)
  • “Regatta de Blanc” – The Police (iTunes)
  • “Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood)” – Counting Crows (iTunes)

Show 96 – Foreign Correspondents and One Fifth

Show 96 starts with Stig and guest muse Dale Prasek talk about what’s coming up on the show regarding some restaurant issues and eating in Houston.

At 3:09, Stig and Dale dig down deep and discuss the issues regarding the closing of Foreign Correspondents. Dale then explains the draw of BBQ for visitors in Houston. The segment ends with Dale and Stig discussing the new five year concept restaurant, One Fifth.

Houston Press coverage on this story. We recorded before the issue came out.

At 20:37, Stig and Dale talk about Bill’s vacation breakfast. Stig talks about the various cheeses and beer he had during a Houston Dairy Maids/St. Arnold pairing event. Stig also sneaks some Taylor Swift news in the show. Also since Bill is missing, Stig updates his running progress.

At 29:55, Dale and Stig cover a bit of sporting news. Dale mentions issues at Madison Square Garden. The show wraps up with Stig and Dale talking about what’s new to them this week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “World Leave Me Alone” – Ambrosia (iTunes)
  • “Cockamamie Business” – George Harrison (YouTube)
  • “Here is No Why” – Smashing Pumpkins (iTunes)





Show 95 – Patriots win Super Bowl, Lady Gaga

Show 95 starts with Bill and Stig discussing their beers and what’s coming up during this episode.

At 4:29, Stig and Bill discuss working events around the Super Bowl, namely, the Dan Patrick Show for Stig, and events at Mid Main for Bill. Discovery Green may have limited access to the ZZ Top event. The segment ends with Stig and Bill talking about crowd dynamics and aspects of what happens in town during large events like the Super Bowl.

At 16:01, Bill talks about his experience on the Metro Rail during the week and also about all the events at Mid Main. Bill and Stig discuss the actual game a bit including the 5 time Super Bowl champion from the past. Stig and Bill then go gaga for Gaga. The segment ends with talk about the advertising during the big game with some particular attention given to Lumber 84.

Lumber 84 Super Bowl Ad

At 31:40, Bill talks about the Feds getting involved with Pasadena. Bill also adds to his reading list from a few weeks ago. Stig talks about the Texas Rangers and the Brady jersey along with Saturday Night Live. Bill wraps the show with some talk about Walter’s Downtown.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Goal” – Football, Ect. (WordPress)
  • “New Romantics” – Taylor Swift (iTunes)
  • “But Is It Commercial” – Jon Astley (YouTube)




Firewood Was Passing


by George Orwell, 1939


As the corpse went past the flies left the restaurant table in a cloud and rushed after it, but they came back a few minutes later.

The little crowd of mourners–all men and boys, no women–threaded their way across the market-place between the piles of pomegranates and the taxis and the camels, wailing a short chant over and over again. What really appeals to the flies is that the corpses here are never put into coffins, they are merely wrapped in a piece of rag and carried on a rough wooden bier on the shoulders of four friends. When the friends get to the burying-ground they hack an oblong hole a foot or two deep, dump the body in it and fling over it a little of the dried-up, lumpy earth, which is like broken brick. No gravestone, no name, no identifying mark of any kind. The burying-ground is merely a huge waste of hummocky earth, like a derelict building-lot. After a month or two no one can even be certain where his own relatives are buried.

When you walk through a town like this–two hundred thousand inhabitants, of whom at least twenty thousand own literally nothing except the rags they stand up in–when you see how the people live, and still more how easily they die, it is always difficult to believe that you are walking among human beings. All colonial empires are in reality founded upon that fact. The people have brown faces–besides, there are so many of them! Are they really the same flesh as yourself? Do they even have names? Or are they merely a kind of undifferentiated brown stuff, about as individual as bees or coral insects? They rise out of the earth, they sweat and starve for a few years, and then they sink back into the nameless mounds of the graveyard and nobody notices that they are gone. And even the graves themselves soon fade back into the soil. Sometimes, out for a walk, as you break your way through the prickly pear, you notice that it is rather bumpy underfoot, and only a certain regularity in the bumps tells you that you are walking over skeletons.

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Show 94 – Jimmie’s Ice House and Refugee Ban

Show 94 starts with heer discussions and more happenings in the Avenida District. Also the pair discuss what’s coming up on the show and NFL policy.

At 4:10, Bill gets Stig to talk about his Facebook riff. Stig and Bill then talk about the refugee ban and some other issues including legal visas and the “wall”.

At 14:44, Stig gives a mention of our Twitter handles and then both discuss the changing of the guard at Jimmy’s Ice House. Bill and Stig then talk about venues catering to the Super Bowl and the influx of visitors.

At 21:46, Stig talks a little bit about working around the NFL Experience. Bill discusses a little on the attractions at Discovery Green.

At 26:45, Bill give some background on who Poppy is after her cameo on the show last week. Stig talks about the Houston Mayor’s response to the refugee ban. The show ends with Stig and Bill talking about what’s new to them this week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Way to Normal” – Ben Folds (iTunes)
  • “Drunkard’s Wave” – Asylum Street Spankers (iTunes)
  • “Liquor Store Blues” – Bruno Mars (iTunes)
  • “Out on the Weekend” – Neil Young (iTunes)