Show 16 – Leon’s Lounge Closes? and Marginalizing Language

Show 16 begins with Stig being glad to be home again, Bill reviews the chili cook-off at the Oddfellow’s Lodge last weekend, and both share their lack of thoughts on the Pro Bowl and upcoming Super Bowl.

At 9:51, Bill and Stig discuss Leon’s Lounge closing along with commentary on what defines the oldest bar in Houston.

At 19:22, Stig tells about the Death Rollercoaster, some Valentines’ Day options, and Bill mentions the Psych Ward Sirens fundraiser this coming weekend.

At 27:45, Stig discusses Duke Student Athletics campaign to not use “marginalizing” language, Bill urges all to support local music!

Euthanasia Coaster

Psych Ward Sirens Chili Cookoff on January 31, 2015

SRV on Gayageum

Duke Student Athletes on Marginalizing Language

Music featured in this episode:

  • “I Got Loaded” – Lil’ Bob & the Lollipops (iTunes)
  • “Love Rollercoaster” – Ohio Players (iTunes)
  • “Crazy Kids” – Ke$ha (iTunes)


Show 15 – Odds and Ends

Show 15 starts with Bill’s review of the Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival and continues with a discussion of the new dog park.

Stig tells about Matress Mac’s latest promotion for free furniture.

At 14:12, Stig and Bill talk about this years’ Houston Marathon, Bill tell about his latest geocaching adventure, and Stig reports on USBs in NYC.

At 23:18, Stig talks about the new HBO series Togetherness, Bill experiences cedar fever.

City of Houston Official Dog Parks Site


Music featured in this episode:

  • “Hot Dog” – Led Zeppelin (iTunes)
  • “I Saw It On T.V.” – John Fogerty (iTunes)

Cupid’s Undie Run

sign on wallWe know you want to run around Midtown Houston in your underwear. Now you can do it while fundraising, and party before and after at Celtic Garden.

My excuse is that I’ll be out of town, but if I was in town my excuse would be that I don’t run unless I’m being chased.

If you register, though, let us know and we’ll donate to your fundraising.


Show 14 – Craig Biggio

Stig and Bill start Show 14 off with a chance to win tickets to the Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival – just be the first correct answer and WIN!

Stig covers some Tay Tay corrections from last week and the pair discuss Craig Biggio’s election into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

At 14:30, Bill and Stig discuss the previous week’s football playoff karma along with the upcoming Houston marathon and J.J. Watt’s Charity Classic.

At 24:22, Stig discusses the Golden Globe awards and the film/soundtrack “The Last Waltz”, Bill gives the details on a Politico article, “The Secret History of Women in the Senate” also know as – Naked Senators!

Politico Article

JJ Watt’s Foundation Page

Music featured in this episode:

  • “They Don’t Know” – Paul Wall (iTunes)
  • “Get It Done”
  • “Mad Waltz” – The Band (iTunes)