Show 19 – The Oscars Episode

Show 19 starts with Bill describing his trip back from Colorado with an interesting stop in Amarillo.

At 10:07, Stig and Bill begin their discussion on the Oscars, including Boyhood, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Selma.

At 21:14, Stig sees the Mugsy’s logo on the side of Costa’s, Bill’s bike gets stolen, sort of. Bill gives us the scoop on “New Girl”.

The Big Texan

New Girl Season One

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Mardi Gras Mambo” – Hawkettes (iTunes)
  • “Can’t Shake It” – Kate Miller-Heike  (iTunes)

Show 18 – Bill’s Vacation

Show 18 starts Bill and Stig having a Skype conversation about Bill’s travels to Colorado.  Stig tells about the current lack of water in Lake Travis.

At 9:44, Stig talks about the development plans along Kirby and Bill gives us a better understanding of the World Alpine Championships in the Vail area.

At 20:53, Stig reviews the recent Bob Schneider show at the Mucky Duck and Bill talks about evening entertainment in Vail. They also talk about the upcoming Roller Derby season opening, the urban slide, and the downtown bike lane.

At 30:28, Bill and Stig wrap up the show with a brief discussion on the Fitbit and news of KTRU-FM going back on the air under different call letters.

Houston Roller Derby

KTRU-FM returns

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Bullets” – Bob Schneider live at the Mucky Duck 2/5/15
  • “Another Postcard” – live version, Barenaked Ladies (iTunes)
  • “Best Day of My Life” – American Authors (iTunes)

Show 17 – Super Bowl Recap!

Show 17 starts out with Stig and Bill discussing the Super Bowl, and JJ Watt gets a cabin in the woods.

At 10:25, Bill and Stig continue with a discussion on the halftime performances at the Super Bowl.

At 18:59, Stig discusses travels in Mississippi and commercial radio, Bill tells us about a bill introduced in the Texas Legislature to protect the Alamo. Stig gives a very informal review of Weights + Measures.

At 27:02, Stig gives a quick Rockets update, concert news for Valentines’ Day, Stig plays a clip from an old Police documentary, Bill finds good journalism and editorship. They wrap up the show with a recent case of a Florida bicyclist winning the right to ride in the full lane.

Weights + Measures

The Police: Certifiable

The Economist

Florida Cyclist Wins Court Case

Music featured in this episode:

  • “My Parties” – Dire Straits (iTunes)
  • “Neon Fists” – Yellow Ostrich (iTunes)
  • “Blossom” – Black Atlass