Show 29 – Flooding and a Rockets Win!!

Show 29 starts with Bill telling about his weekend in Wimberly and Stig spends the weekend in L.A.

Rockets Playoff Win!

Rockets Playoff Win!

At 5:31, Stig and Bill talk about the Rockets win over the Warriors. The two discuss the game along with the Toyota Center’s presentation. They also talk about tshirt tosses.

At 15:48, Bill and Stig cover the aspects of the recent flooding in Houston.

At 27:50, Stig cover other sports news about the Texans, Dynamos, and Astros.

At 33:20, Stig discovers a little more of the bayou trails, Bill does some recent work with Flickr.

Seen near UCLA

Seen near UCLA

Bill’s Flickr Flood Pictures 

Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Music featured in this episode:

  • Tunes“California (There Is No End to Love)” – U2 (iTunes)
  • “Fire on the Bayou” – Neville Brothers  (iTunes)
  • “If I Should Fall from Grace With God” – Pogues (iTunes)
  • “The Tiger and the Lamb” – Bob Schneider (Live Recording)
  • “Broken Revisited” – Tears for Fears (iTunes)

Show 28 – Watching at Lucky’s, 5K, Trains, and Courthouses.

Show 28 starts with a discussion of the recent Sunday streets along with other events of the the weekend for Bill and Stig.

Stig agrees with this guy!

Stig agrees with this guy!

At 6:11, Stig tells about running his first 5K in twenty years, Bill and Stig talk about watching the Rockets game at Lucky’s. We laughed, we cried, the staff yelled at us!

There's a lot of people in here!!!

There’s a lot of people in here!!!

At 19:02, Stig improves his coffee, Bill explains why we don’t use www anymore. Bill and Stig both discuss the new rail near BBVA stadium and the University line possibilities. The free concert at BBVA is also discussed. Stig considers how to listen to the Free Press concerts for free. Bill describes his trip to the remodeled courthouse downtown.

Special demonic coffee, my fav!

Special demonic coffee, my fav!

At 35:29, Bill tweets nasty tweets but softens up with prospects of seeing Pitch Perfect. Stig tells Bill about the re-release of Tears for Fears “Songs from the Big Chair”.

Have a great week everyone!

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Gives You Hell” – All-American Rejects (iTunes)
  • “Old & Crazy (Feat. Esperanza Spalding)” – Bruno Mars  (iTunes)
  • “Mothers Talk [U.S. Remix]” – Tears for Fears (iTunes)
  • “The Big Chair” – Tears for Fears (iTunes)

Show 27 – When I’m President and Conspiracy Theory

Show 27 starts with Mother Day’s greetings between Bill and Stig, and busy schedules continue for both.

At 5:42, Stig and Bill discuss the junior governor’s reaction to conspiracy theorists worries that the US may put Texas under martial law. Texas Ranger lore is also referenced. Bill discusses local elections in Harris and Montgomery county.

At 17:38, Bill and Stig talk about Ed Emmitt’s tour of Europe to get some more ideas on what to do with the Astrodome. Bill creates a new motto for Houston. A vast number of presidential candidates start the race, ten are from Houston.

At 33:11, the week’s sport news is discussed with some upcoming events in Houston.

At 38:03, Bill and Stig wrap up the show with what’s new. Stig tells about a travel program called WAZE along with giant rice krispies treats. Bill explains the rise and fall of Nepal literally due to the recent earthquake.

Texas Rangers’ History

2016 Presidential Hopefuls


That's one big treat!!

That’s one big treat!!


Music featured in this episode:

  • “Mama Don’t Allow” – Asylum Street Spankers (MySpace)
  • “A Conspiracy” – The Black Crowes  (iTunes)
  • “When I’m President” – Extreme (iTunes)
  • “Mama Jam” – Blue Millennium (Private Collection)

Show 26 – Fight of the Century, Stalking a Reporter

Show 26 starts with Stig having multiple drinks lined up and Bill describes his very full social weekend.

At 7:22, Bill and Stig discuss the “Fight of the Century”, impressions of Las Vegas, and a horse race factoid as well.

At 17:18, Stig and Bill have to talk more sports because of the success of both the Rockets and Astros. Stig calls Bill out on stalking Root Sports reporter Julia Morales. Also the controversial tweet from the Rockets is discussed.

At 29:02, Bill tells us about the graphic novel, “The Hedge Knight” a prequel extension of Game of Thrones. Stig talks about the darker side of Las Vegas.

Julia Morales on Twitter

The Hedge Knight

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” – The Who (iTunes)
  • “Fight From the Inside” – Jack Blades  (iTunes)
  • “Fight the Power” – Public Enemy (iTunes)