Show 27 – When I’m President and Conspiracy Theory

Show 27 starts with Mother Day’s greetings between Bill and Stig, and busy schedules continue for both.

At 5:42, Stig and Bill discuss the junior governor’s reaction to conspiracy theorists worries that the US may put Texas under martial law. Texas Ranger lore is also referenced. Bill discusses local elections in Harris and Montgomery county.

At 17:38, Bill and Stig talk about Ed Emmitt’s tour of Europe to get some more ideas on what to do with the Astrodome. Bill creates a new motto for Houston. A vast number of presidential candidates start the race, ten are from Houston.

At 33:11, the week’s sport news is discussed with some upcoming events in Houston.

At 38:03, Bill and Stig wrap up the show with what’s new. Stig tells about a travel program called WAZE along with giant rice krispies treats. Bill explains the rise and fall of Nepal literally due to the recent earthquake.

Texas Rangers’ History

2016 Presidential Hopefuls


That's one big treat!!

That’s one big treat!!


Music featured in this episode:

  • “Mama Don’t Allow” – Asylum Street Spankers (MySpace)
  • “A Conspiracy” – The Black Crowes  (iTunes)
  • “When I’m President” – Extreme (iTunes)
  • “Mama Jam” – Blue Millennium (Private Collection)

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