Show 30 – Various topics including Caitlyn, Bayou, and Parrot Fish

Show 30 starts with Bill educating Stig on Reiner Knizia, Stig has tire issues. The segment ends with unyielding cattle and fish in the outfield.

At 11:13, Stig updates the conditions at Buffalo Bayou park, Bill discusses the FPSF at the Nerg.


Foot trails on Buffalo Bayou Park

At 23:48, Bill tells about being a “Townie” at the Town in City Brewery. Bill and Stig give their opinions on the Waco Twin Peaks incident.

Stig wraps up the segment with the Houston Bike Plan.

At 36:53, Stig and Bill cover several items quickly including fitness on the Apple Watch, AirDog drones, Caitlyn as a name, graduation ceremonies, and parrot fish.

Stig wraps up the show with a BBC music video and Bill does something new this week.

Busting caps into fish.

Busting caps into fish.

Reiner Knizia

Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Town In City Brewery

Houston Bike Plan

Apple Watch as a Fitness Device

AirDog Drone

Khaki Class of 2015

BBC Music

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Dallas” – Willie Nelson (iTunes)
  • “Here We Go Let’s Rock & Roll (The Clivilles/Cole Rockin’ In ’91 Mix )” – C+C Music Factory  (iTunes)
  • “Free Coffee Town” – Ben Folds (Amazon)

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