Show 35 – Busy Weekend, Gold Cup, and Orange Seats.

Show 35 starts with Bill and Stig rolling through a little Gold Cup and Men’s National Soccer team analysis.

At 8:22, Stig starts with praising Bill’s mom on her travel photos. Stig then reviews Kiki’s Sordid Sideshow and gives it good marks. Bill talks about events at the Continental Club‘s 15th birthday party. Bill also mentions some experiences at the Big Top. No Steely Dan show for Stig and more problems with music video awards.

At 21:55, Stig gives his pronognosis on Bill’s head injury. Stig then talks about using the Nike running app. Bill picks up orange seats of history and has a good experience at the Nerg.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Fun It” – Queen (iTunes)
  • “Watching the Detectives” – Elvis Costello  (iTunes)
  • “No Woman, No Cry” – Bob Marley (iTunes)

Show 34 – Mas Soccer, Frisco History, and Different Waters.

Show 34 starts with Bill and Stig talking about some recent soccer games including the US Women’s National Team.

At 9:12, Stig talks about a recent Instagram feud including J.J. Watt and Zach Mettenberger. Bill brings Donald Trump into the mix and then tell about his soccer experience at the Nerg. Stig plays a bit of Gold Cup audio and Bill does an after party at Hans Bier Haus.

At 17:28, Stig begins his lesson on Frisco, Texas and the Shawnee Trail

Nice public art representing the Shawnee Trail pioneers.

Nice public art representing the Shawnee Trail pioneers.

Odd quotes sprinkled about the city...

Odd quotes sprinkled about the city…

. Bill then schools Stig on water chemistry in craft brewing.

Town in City Brewing

At 29:06, Stig discusses the newest dessert offering from Taco Bell. Bill discovers a new app called Periscope.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “So Strong” – Chilliwack (iTunes)
  • “Cowboys” – Counting Crows  (iTunes)
  • “Boll Weevil” – The Presidents of the United States (iTunes)

Show 33 – Legislative Review and Bicycle Dangers

Show 33 starts with Bill and Stig discussing the previous weekends’ events and their beverages of choice.

At 4:21, Bill talks about attending a legislative review of the past state’s session hosted in Houston by the Texas Tribune. The two also give a little commentary on the past Pride Week’s activities.

At 14:33, Stig discusses the ongoing danger of bicycling in Houston. Recently in Houston, there’s been a spike in fatalities. A full show was dedicated to this issue – Show 10.

At 18:58, Bill reports on the new port in town along with his attendance at “Men for Choice”. Stig and Bill then wrap up the week with what’s new for both of themselves.

Texas Tribune

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Penthouse to Pavement” – Drink Me (Discogs)
  • “In Spite of Ourselves” – John Prine with Iris DeMent  (iTunes)
  • “Flowers for Zoe” – Lenny Kravitz (iTunes)
  • “Back In My Arms” – Robert Palmer (iTunes)

Show 32 – Bill Falls Down, Pride Parade Changes

Show 32 starts with Bill explaining his recent accident and the effects of falling on your face.



At 4:20, Bill and Stig discuss the changes with moving the Pride Parade and surrounding activities downtown, including routes and logistics.

At 12:33, Stig and Bill continue talking about the US Women’s National Soccer Team. Media coverage and graphic mistakes are pointed out. Stig then turns his attention to the Houston Dash. Bill wraps up the segment with some Goggle and Yahoo Sports fails and the Austin Aztexs.


Small but vocal!!

Small but vocal!!

At 24:41, Bill and Stig talk a little Astros insights. Bill then tell about a few problems with ethics reform bills in the past state legislation session. Stig discovers Strava’s data on most used paths for running and biking in your town.

Strava Labs Clusters

At 32:49, Bill runs into DPS regulations in trying to procure his pain meds! The show ends with a little summertime musical selection.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Down The Old Plank Road” – The Chieftains (iTunes)
  • “Let’s Have a Kiki” – Scissor Sisters  (iTunes)
  • “Treme Song” – John Boutte (iTunes)
  • “Summertime” – Asylum Street Spankers (Amazon)