Show 43 – Buffalo Bayou Park Dedication and KTRU Back on the Air!

Show 43 starts with Bill and Stig discussing the weekend’s events including going to the Houston Fringe Festival and seeing the latest offering from Cameron Moore. Bill also tells about hosting a birthday party at his house.

At 6:26, Stig begins the discussion about the festivities and dedication of Buffalo Bayou Park this coming weekend. The two also discuss various spots along the park and hours and regulations as well.

At 18:33, Bill tell about KTRU going back on the air after a few years without a transmitter. Here’s a link to a map of coverage. Bill also takes in the last regular Astro’s day game and discovers quite a bit of construction.

At 25:10, Stig debates whether or not baseball season is almost over for Astro fans. The pair also talk about the Texans win and the Dynamo’s standing currently.

At 31:40, Stig wraps up the show discussing music remakes and covers being new again, Bill has a plan to spend the next Sunday at Trader’s Village.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “A Apolitical Blues” – Little Feat (iTunes)
  • “Buy You a Drank” – T-Pain (iTunes)
  • “Need You Tonight” – Beck (YouTube)
  • “Nothing Compares 2 U” – Chris Cornell (YouTube)

Show 42 – Refugees, Long Tailed Curves, and New Turf for the Texans

This is a mixtape!

This is a mixtape!

Show 42 starts with a quick recap of Bill and Stig’s weekends.

At 3:50, Stig starts a discussion of the vast number of refugees that are relocated to Houston. Citing an article from the Houston Chronicle, Bill and Stig discuss how and why Houston is so popular as a refugee location. The segment ends with a bit of reality television discussion.

At 15:32, Bill and Stig talk about various aspects of long tail distribution as exampled by Mr. Shirley’s tweet earlier in the week. Stig does not go into so much detail about mechanics of fluids.

At 24:34, Stig and Bill discuss a change in the NeRG’s playing surface and how the Astro’s are slowing their pace now that the playoffs are near.

At 31:55, Stig tells about starting another 5K training program and the bad advertising from Apple Music promoting “mix tapes“! Bill shares an eBay shipping story as what’s new for him.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Immigrant Song” – Led Zeppelin (iTunes)
  • “Number 9” – Moon Hooch  (iTunes)
  • “So What” – Pink (iTunes)
  • “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – Peter Frampton (iTunes)


Show 41 – Astros, Texans, Cobert, and Burning Man

Show 41 starts with Bill and Stig talking about their beers and the previous weekend. Bill has surgery and pays for the sins of his childhood.

At 7:02, Bill and Stig discuss the Texan’s first game of the season and quarterback issues already. Also discussed is a bit of college football and a discussion of charging visiting bands for their seats on the road.

At 18:29, Stig and Bill break down the Astro’s schedule and the run to the pennant race. The recent twitter fued between @astros and A’s fans in Oakland is also covered.

At 25:59, Bill and Stig talk about Stephen Cobert’s debut on Network TV. Stig complains about the streaming issues he’s having with Xfinity. A satire of the commercialization of Burning Man by Quizno’s is also discussed.

At 37:20, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new to each of them. Bill will have a guest, Stig runs fartleks.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Seamus” – Pink Floyd (iTunes)
  • “Shadows In The Rain” – Sting  (iTunes)
  • “Neon Fists” – Yellow Ostrich (iTunes)
  • “Rescue, Mister” – Trust (iTunes)


Show 40 – Houston Bucket List Part 3 of 3, Labor Day Staycation

It's hard keeping track of the Houston Bucket List!

It’s hard keeping track of the Houston Bucket List!

Show 40 starts with Bill discussing his Labor Day Staycation and Stig works another holiday weekend.

At 17:19, Stig and Bill start discussing the third part of the Houston Bucket List from the Houston Press several years ago. Included in this part of the list is Marfreless, Waugh Bridge Bats, the Rothko Chapel, and House of “Guys”.

At 26:26, Bill and Stig finish the Houston Bucket List with topics like Market Square, the Tunnel System, Little Joe Washington, and Frenchy’s Chicken.

Anderson Fair – For the Sake of the Song

At 41:46, Stig and Bill wrap up this week’s show with some observations on oil prices and how it relates to Gallery Furniture. Bill watch’s several films during the holiday weekend.

Spirited Away

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Runaway Baby” – Bruno Mars (iTunes)
  • “The Metro” – Berlin  (iTunes)
  • “I’d Just Love to Lay You Down” – Conway Twitty (iTunes)

Show 39 – Houston Bucket List Part 2 of 3, Katrina and Crime

What's it all mean??

What’s it all mean??

Show 39 starts with Bill and Stig talking about the “last” show at Fitzgerald’s in the Heights.

At 8:43, Stig shares insight from Roger Williams University professor Sean Verrano as to whether or not, crime increased because of Katrina evacuee’s moving to Houston. As part of the conversation, Bill and Stig share their Katrina experiences as well.

Technical White Paper on Katrina and Crime Effect

At 20:00, Bill and Stig discuss the middle third of the 100 things to do in Houston before you die including, Space Center Houston, Gallery Furniture, and illegal activities at Last Concert Cafe.

At 31:40, Stig and Bill finish their discussion of the middle third of 100 things to do in Houston, including Airline Drive cruising, Shipley doughnuts, and Lakewood Church.

At 46:56, Bill figures out the reason Ashley Madison website was hacked. Stig shares an HBO show he thought was good. Bill shares his Mom’s travels and brings presents back for both of us.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Strip” – Adam Ant (iTunes)
  • “Meet De Boys On The Battle Front” – Wild Tchoupitoulas  (iTunes)
  • “Space Oddity” – William Shatner (iTunes)
  • “Stay (I Missed You)” – Lisa Loeb (iTunes)