Show 47 – Houston Elections and HERO Proposition

Show 47 starts with Bill and Stig talking about Hurricane Patricia and what’s coming up in the show.

At 4:59, Bill and Stig discuss the upcoming Houston election focusing in on Proposition 1, also known as the HERO ordinance. Bill does a nice job explaining a few nuances of the ballot.

"One solution to Houston's 'Bathroom Ordinance'!!"

“One solution to Houston’s ‘Bathroom Ordinance’!!”

At 12:57, Stig starts the segment with a correction from the previous week. Sports talk starts with Texans disappointments and UH success.

At 18:30, Bill and Stig talk about our drinks including “The Sorority Girl Dream”.  The pair then covers what is new to them this week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Venus As A Boy” – Bjork (iTunes)
  • “Jambalaya” –Fats Domino (iTunes)
  • “Edge of Seventeen” – Stevie Nicks (iTunes)


Show 46 – Murder Was The Charge, Astros Lose

Show 46 starts with a discussion of this weeks’ beers, pumpkin spice, and a preview of the rest of the episode.

At 3:50, Bill begins telling about serving on a murder trial jury for the last couple of weeks.

At 15:05, the discussion continues about the trial that Bill served on the jury.

At 25:59, Bill and Stig discuss the Astros final week. We also consider the death of Bevo and a little of college sports. Stig also mentions his nephew and a wedding they attended. We also wish Sue a Happy Birthday and meet good people eating sushi.

At 36:03, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new. Bill attends a reunion and Stig starts a new book made of actual paper.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Framed” – Little Feat (iTunes)
  • “Paper Planes” –M.I.A. (iTunes)
  • “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” – World Party (iTunes)
  • “Alright, Louie, Drop The Gun” – Louis Prima (iTunes)

Show 45 – National Night Out, Daylight Savings, Astros Playoffs!

Coffee Poem

Show 45 starts with Bill and Stig giddy about the Astros being in the playoffs. Bill’s week no so good due to continuing jury duty. Stig’s coffee stirs controversy with talk of it having a BBC.

At 5:31, Stig and Bill talk about Governor Abbott’s twitter comments on the Cowboys. Bill then discusses his National Night Out in his neighborhood. Stig unfortunately signs up for his neighborhood’s website. Bill reports on the Townie meeting Stig watches baseball with the attorneys.

At 16:29, the guys begin the segment with talk about the upcoming Moonlight Ramble. Bill gives us a glimpse of his Halloween plans.

At 20:59, the sports segment starts with some lineup card controversy.Lineup Card

Stig and Bill then cover a bit of college sports with Texas and Tech and Baylor football talk. Astro analysis about having to only win one game out of two.

At 31:10, Stig and Bill finish up the show with what’s new to them. Stig begins a 27 disc set of a book on CD. Bill gets at new tool chest.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Perfect Stranger” – Grace Weber (iTunes)
  • “Searchlight” –John Fogerty (iTunes)
  • “Hall of Fame” – The Script featuring (iTunes)
  • “Movin’ On Strong” – King Floyd (iTunes)


Show 44 – Houston housing affordability, DFW Airport, and Astros Playoff!

Show 44 starts with a discussion on beer availability during a rare daytime recording session. Stig previews the topics on the show then.

At 4:42, Bill tells about his weekend on the bayou and all of the celebrations that were taking place this weekend. He also hit Trader’s Village for an Art Car Event.

At 14:20, Stig begins a discussion on the affordability of housing in Houston based on a report from Rice University’s Shell Center of Sustainability.

At 26:12, Bill and Stig compare notes on airports including humorous events at DFW and the dreaded Atlanta Hartsfield.

At 33:56, Stig and Bill bring you up to date on Astros news and obscenities and Texans disappointments. Stig then talks about running across and old friend’s website loaded with great short films. Bill talks about extended jury duty, well as much as the law will allow!

Music featured in this episode:

  • “I Want To Sing That Rock and Roll” – Gillian Welch & David Rawlings (iTunes)
  • “Open Letter (To a Landlord)” – Living Color (iTunes)
  • “Leaving On A Jet Plane” – Slightly Stoopid (iTunes)
  • “Honey, I’m Good” – Andy Grammar (iTunes)