Show 58 – FBI vs Apple, Roller Derby, Olympic Qualifying Soccer Finals

Show 58 starts with Stig and Bill at the secret location and discussing their drinks and 40 Below.

At 4:30, Bill explains some of the details of the FBI and the government’s requests on Apple regarding the iPhone’s software.


At 15:56, Stig starts the segment with technology troubles. Bill tells about the beginning of Roller Derby season and a few changes that have occurred.

At 24:00, Stig tells about the Women’s Olympic Soccer Qualifiers that took place at BBVA Stadium. He also talks about the Houston Chapter of the American Outlaws.

At 32:50, Bill talks about what’s new to him, the Samantha Bee show – Full Frontal. Stig wraps up the episode with a discussion of The Fisher King and Terry Gilliam.

Houston Roller Derby

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Terry Gilliam

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Telephone Line” – Electric Light Orchestra (iTunes)
  • “Password” – Kitty Wells (iTunes)
  • “Brand New Key” – Melanie (iTunes)

Show 57 – The Suffers, Olympic Women’s Soccer, and Abbott News.

Show 57 starts with Bill and Stig discussing what’s coming up on the show and this weeks beverages.

At 3:19, Stig and Bill talk about the huge week the Suffers have had with multiple shows in and out of Houston, personal appearances, and special shows. The segment include sound from Kam Franklin at Cactus Records.

Suffers at Cactus Music

Suffers at Cactus Music

At 11:44, Bill and Stig talk about Olympic qualifying women’s soccer at BBVA Stadium. Included in the discussion is poor attendance and a few particulars about the teams. Bill brings up a little Texans news. Stig talks about a Rockets trade and problems with the team.

At 19:06, Stig shares notes from the Executive Producer. Governor Abbott kills another useful Senate bill and the pair talk about the death of Justice Scalia. The segment ends with Stig and Bill sharing what is new for the week for them.

How long does it take to confirm a Supreme Court justice??

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Quarterback” – Kopecky (iTunes)
  • “Make Some Rooml” – The Suffers (iTunes)
  • “I Do” – J. Geils Band (iTunes)

Show 56 – BCBC Festival Review, Sports Gambling in Texas, Weather.

Show 56 starts with Bill and Stig previewing what’s coming up on the show including a review of the BCBC, weather news, and corrections from the previous show.

At 4:25, segment two starts with a review of the recent Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival along with discussion of Stig and Bill’s favorite acts. Stig then discusses the Texans’ connections to the Super Bowl.

At 13:27, Bill starts segment three by connecting a Bronco’s player to certain earth sciences. Stig tries to discredit the Attorney General of Texas and Bill follows up with a recent opinion offered on sports betting in Texas. Also, will Texas have another NFL team?

At 23:56, Stig congratulates Bill on his tweet likes from NYC. Weather fatalities due to snow storms and other snow related news.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Signs” – Five Man Electrical Band (iTunes)
  • “I’m Ready, Let’s Roll” – Bob Schneider (Live at the Mucky Duck)
  • “France” – Lady Saw (from SXSW sampler)