Show 73 – Roller Derby and New Town in City Offering

Show 73 starts with Bill explaining Stig’s beer style to him. There is a short preview on what is coming up in the show.

At 3:28, Bill and Stig give a review of Comic Strip and some of the antics that took place. Stig and Bill then talk a bit about two separate roller derby bouts. Stig shares a few traveling tips from Miami. Bill shares some Town in City Brewing news for White Linen Night.

At 16:54, Bill and Stig discuss the surging Astros. Stig shares a little Tour de France news. Bill does a short update on Elementary and a Star Trek reboot. Stig complains that vacation planning is too difficult.

At 26:50, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with some things that are new to them found this week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Are You Tired?” – U.S. Army Infantry  (iTunes)
  • “Cosmik Debris” – Frank Zappa (iTunes)


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