Show 76 – Olympics, White Linen Nights, Heights Theatre

Show 76 starts at a USWST viewing party with Bill and Stig discussing what’s coming up on the show and what they are drinking.

At 3:30, Bill and Stig discuss the coverage of the Olympics and complain about NBC’s presentation. They also talk about the opening ceremony as well.

At 14:40, Stig and Bill discuss the tensions between American and Russian women swimmers. Bill then gives a bit of a review on this years’ White Linen Night. Bill also discusses his most recent scavenger hunt as well as the Heights Theatre renovation.

At 30:45, Stig tells about some Astros’ losses. Bill brings the news on a new bar in the Heights. Bill is upset with the Emmy’s but happy about the dog park. Stig talks about airplane loading and Bill wraps the show with new television program news.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “International Smile” – Katy Perry  (iTunes)
  • “Russians” – Sting (iTunes)
  • “Lucky I Got What I Want” – Jungle (iTunes)

Show 75 – Oh Canada!, Zika, Texans Contract Issues

Show 75 starts with Bill and Stig discussing their drinks of the week and what’s coming up on the show.

At 4:31, Stig starts the segment with some observations about Vancouver, British Columbia. Bill adds to the discussion with reflection on his time in Calgary, Alberta.

At 18:08, Bill educates us a bit about the Zika virus and where it lives. Stig mentions some infographics he’s run across along with the news that Rockerfellow’s club is reopening as a music venue.

At 25:36, Bill and Stig bring you this week’s sports news including Astros losing and Texan news regarding contract holdouts. Bill calls out some A&M coaches. Stig wraps up the segment with some disturbing news.

At 37:36, Stig wraps up the show with what’s new to him, Bill shares some news regarding a worldwide scavanger hunt.