Show 80 – Day for Night Preview, New TV Shows

Show 80 starts with Bill discussing pumpkin beer and Stig noting the death of Buckwheat Zydeco.

At 4:32, Stig and Bill discuss the upcoming Day for Night festival coming up in December including performer and artist information. Bill also adds his insights from attending last year’s inaugural edition.

Day for Night

At 13:44, Bill and Stig talk about Texas Governor Abbott’s desire to keep refugees from coming to Texas.

Bishop’s Response to Governor Abbott

Stig also discusses the upcoming Presidential debate and Mark Cuban. The pair has a surprise fan interrupt.

At 24:55, Stig and Bill discuss the local sports news including some predictions from the fivethirtyeight website. Stig then begins a discussion on a few new television shows.

At 35:16, Stig introduces a new segment and the pair talk about what is new this week for them.

Rewind: Sausage Fest at the Oddfellows Lodge #225 in the Heights.

Thien An

Show 79 – Football and the MOB

Show 79 starts with Emmy’s and Award Shows talk and Bill has a couple of favorites for the Houston Press Reader’s Choice. The pair then discuss the day’s beer dilemma and what they are drinking this week.

At 6:45, Stig starts a discussion on the Texans win. Bill and Stig then talk about the Houston Cougars and Texas Longhorns. Rice gets in the mix with controversy at their stadium over the Marching Owl Band’s (MOB) halftime performance. Bill follows up on last week’s UTEP discussion.

At 18:11, Bill talks about two deaths, one recent, one not. Stig mentions his visit to Miller Outdoor Theatre last weekend. Bill shares his recent Uber experience.

At 27:59, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with actor migration news and what’s new to them for the week.

Show 78 – Thrill Returns, College Football Watching, “Dreamers”

Show 78 starts with a lot of excuses for Stig and what Bill is drinking. An obscure reference to monkeys is dropped and will not be explained this week.

At 4:20, Bill starts a discussion on college football with news of the Texas Allumni watch party at a new bar on Washington – Atlas Pub. There is also a little discussion about the UTEP coach. Stig talks about Alabama and Mississippi.

At 14:22, Stig apologies for editing and Bill fields calls from the big energy companies. Bill explains the term “dreamers” and more oddities from the state government. Stig and Bill then discuss the Texans and Astros. Bill than contemplates Lamar High.

At 25:44, Stig reveals he will not pay to learn anymore. Bill than talks about the recent Thrill performance. Stig then talk just a bit of national politics.


At 33:22, Stig discovers Kaleo the band, Bill has a new word to end the show.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Born To Run” – Frankie Goes To Hollywood  (iTunes)
  • “Hot Blood” – Kaleo (iTunes)
  • “Cherry Oh Baby” – UB40 (iTunes)
  • “Dream Of The Blue Turtles” – Sting (iTunes)


Show 77 – The Anger Issue, B Cycles, and Campus Carry


Show 77 starts off with Stig angry and the beer selections for the week.

At 4:45, Stig starts the second segment off with what is bothering him. Bill and Stig then discuss the very humorous protests on the Austin UT campus over carrying guns. Bill reports on the finals of the Houston Roller Derby. Stig reviews the Lyle Lovett concert at the Hobby Center.

At 15:00, the discussion turns brighter with talk of rainbows and Pride Parades. Bill reports on B Cycle progress in Houston.

At 22:00, there’s a brief talk about the Astros progress. A short discussion then follows on Colin Kaepernick’s protest. Bill wraps the segment up on the upcoming Odd Fellow’s Sausage Fest.

At 31:22, Stig and Bill wrap up the program with what is new for the week, each dealing with alcohol!

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Girl From Impanema Goes To Greenland” – B-52’s  (iTunes)
  • “Here I Am” – Lyle Lovett/Live at the Hobby Center (iTunes)
  • “Drunkard’s Wave” – Asylum Street Spankers (iTunes)
  • “Kill The Lights” – Britney Spears (iTunes)