Show 86 – Election Hangover, Hunter Pence, Karbach Wins?

Show 86 starts with an extended segment we lovingly call, “The Election Hangover”. We discuss various issues and reactions from the 2016 Presidential Election and discuss a few local items as well.

At 17:28, Stig and Bill talk about more joyful topics such as Hunter Pence’s Halloween costume. Bill also talks about the Heights proposition becoming wet. Stig and Bill cover the changes at Karbach and discuss a new brewery in the Heights, Holler Brewing.

At 31:42, Stig talks about a Houston initiative to stop homelessness and the success it’s having.

At 37:54, Bill and Stig finish the show with what’s new to them. Stig covers Bob Geldof and Bill discusses being added to Facebook groups.

Boomtown Rats in Japan

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Harry Truman” – Chicago  (iTunes)
  • “Funky Judge” – J. Geils Band (iTunes)
  • “Trouble” – King Floyd (iTunes)


Show 85 – Bill’s Excellent Costa Rica Adventure, Local Music

Show 85 starts with Stig complaining about unfair treatment from the executive producer. The pair then discuss drink selections and what’s coming up on the show.

At 4:34, Stig starts the segment with a bit of info about Natchitoches, then Bill discusses his recent trip to Costa Rica.

At 14:56, Stig shares some stats about Costa Ricans living in the U.S. and in Houston. Bill continues sharing other stories from his trip including spending some time in Liberia, Costa Rica not Liberia the country.

At 29:47, Bill and Stig talk a little bit of sports including Texans, Rockets, and MLS playoffs. Stig also talks his directing dilemma and dildos on the field.

At 37:22, Stig reviews his ECNO concert experience along with a local band at Fitzgerald’s. He also mentions the Suffers spring European tour. Bill tell about liquor and food mishaps while out of the country.

Los Guerreros de la Musica

The Suffers

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Out on the Weekend” – Neil Young  (GooglePlay)
  • “Southern Sun” – Boy & Bear (iTunes)
  • “She Never Spoke Spanish To Me” – Texas Tornados (iTunes)
  • “We Only Come Out At Night” – Smashing Pumpkins (iTunes)