Show 106 – Tulsa Art Car Weekend, More Musician Deaths

A rare midweek recording has the guys drinking bigger beers. A preview of what’s coming up is included.

At 3:22, Bill talks about his extensive travels throughout the previous week which included Austin and Tulsa. Bill then talks about the Art Car weekend in Tulsa and compares it to the Houston event. Stig then talks about a new hotel he spent a few days in.

At 12:50, Stig and Bill briefly talk about the U2 concert at the NERG. A general discussion then begins on summer plans.

At 20:15, Stig mentions his brief encounter with Julia Morales. A quick political discussion follows. The guys then discuss a few prominent deaths. The show ends with Bill and Stig discussing what’s new for them.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “The Conflict” – Tears for Fears (iTunes)
  • “Down” – Run The Jewels (iTunes)
  • “Dollar Days” – David Bowie (iTunes)

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