Show 123 – Astros Win a World Series!!

Show 123 starts with Stig taking credit for the Astros winning the World Series. Bill talks about Sunday Streets in Gulfton.

At 4:57, the segment starts with Alex Bregman shouting about Justin Verlander hanging around for another year. Beer selection is mentioned along with the guys’ World Series experiences.

At 14:16, Bill and Stig talk about the parade and other events surrounding the team’s win.

At 21:17, Stig tells about other sporting news going on in the city. Bill mentions some facts from the New York City Marathon. Stig reviews a show from Heights Theatre. Bill mentions some news from New Mexico.

At 28:15, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new to them for the week.

Show 87 – Thanksgiving Travels, Purple and Black, Coaching Changes

Show 87 starts with Stig talking about recent illness and the fact that he hasn’t seen Bill in a few weeks. Bill talks about a bit of holiday travel and a few of the things he did including Wurstfest.

At 4:49, Bill and Stig talk about post election reactions. Bill then starts a discussion about the Lights in the Heights Christmas Party including the Purple and Black theme. Stig talks about the unbalanced Prince to Bowie CD collection. Bill then talks about destroying his iPhone.

At 13:03, Stig talks about multiple sporting events on the same court on the same day. Bill tells a bit about the Texans at home including the roof staying on during a beautiful day. At UH, a coaching change is made. Stig and Bill compare and contrast Herman vs. Strong. Bill finishes the segment with a comment on the JJ Watt editorial.

At 23:32, Stig reports on the Nutcracker and Christmas music on Sunny 99. Bill informs the new norm on when to break up around the holidays. Bill reports on his discovery of Edison’s, a new bar with food.

At 31:44, Bill reminds Stig to reports on what the two of them are drinking! Stig has drinks with World Cup buddy in Vegas. Bill takes in a movie at Sundance downtown. Stig gets schooled on a band called All Time Low but does remember Green Day.

Show 64 – Art Car Ball and Parade Review, Political Corruption?

Zebra Crew

Zebra Crew

Show 64 starts with an executive producer correction about the Astros lottery – Share 2 Care. Bill and Stig then preview what’s coming up on the show.

At 4:43, Bill gives a comprehensive review on the Art Car Ball and Parade, Stig discusses briefly CounterCulture 16.

At 11:52, Stig and Bill discuss ongoing questionable activities by former Governor Perry and Sid Miller, aka the Rodeo Clown. Stig gives a brief review of sports about the Houston area.

At 21:19, Stig shares what’s new to him with a new software game and Bill wraps up the show dropping more knowledge bombs.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “I Feel Lucky” – Mary Chapin Carpenter (iTunes)
  • “She Blows Hot and Cold” – Freddie Mercury (unreleased)
  • “Rough Boys” – Pete Townsend (iTunes)