Show 120 – Day for Night for Women, Piggy’s, Dream Girl

Show 120 starts with Bill and Stig talking about the premature reporting of Tom Petty’s death. Also discussed, what’s coming up during the rest of the show.

At 4:25, the segment starts with beer selections for the week. Stig and Bill then discuss Day for Night being a woman-centric festival.

Texas Monthly on Dayfornight

Also discussed is the shift of Nina Diaz, from the band Girl in a Coma, to also performing as a solo artist.

Houston Press on Nina Diaz

Music Break – Tom Petty “Time to Move On”

At 14:16, Bill shares some updates on the Texas Legislature especially regarding Joe Straus. Stig brings the news on jury assembly rooms downtown, a post-Harvey sad story.

At 23:16, Stig updates a parole hearing. Bill shares legal news concerning the downtown tigers. Stig and Bill then work the sports segment with Astros and Texans news.

At 37:37, Bill and Stig share what’s new for them this week. Bill goes to a new eatery, Stig watches a disturbing film.


Dream Girl

Show 119 – Houston’s New Beaches, Handling the 24/7 News Cycle

Show 119 starts with Stig verifying Bill’s Instagram account and a little talk about the recording environment. The two reveal their beverage selections and preview what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:57, Stig poses the question, “How do you deal with the 24/7 news cycle?”. Bill and Stig discuss how to cope.

Music Break – William Hong “Rocket Man”

At 15:48, Stig mentions the Swamplot photo essay of the silt deposits around Buffalo Bayou. Stig then talks about the UH/Texas Tech game and contrasts that with the Dash game. A bit of news regarding the Texans and Astros is also covered.

At 24:49, Bill and Stig talk about the rain finally returning for the first time since the hurricane and resulting stress.

At 29:20, Bill and Stig wrap up the episode with what’s new for them, Stig highlights a color, Bill mentions some television.

Show 118 – Astros Win AL West, Bill’s Most Excellent Vacation.

Show 118 starts with Bill and Stig discussing their drink selections and why they are drinking what they’re drinking. Also a preview of what’s coming up on the program is included.

At 2:48, Stig and Bill discuss the Astros winning the AL West division. The two talk about the atmosphere at the stadium, some history facts, and looking forward to the next few weeks.

At 9:52, Bill begins the segment talking of his social media accounts. Stig and Bill then talk about Bill’s recent vacation in Galveston and some observations from the island.

At 17:32, Stig and Bill talk a few more aspects of Harvey’s impact downtown. Issues continue to be discovered that one didn’t necessarily expect.

New Beaches of Buffalo Bayou

At 26:36, Stig starts the segment with a new find in the Heights. Bill adds another find from Galveston island.

Show 117 – Harvey Observations continue, Astros getting close!

Show 117 starts with Stig jumping into a beer flight and Bill discussing what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:26, the secret location is revealed because of the beer names. Bill and Stig then continue their discussion on things about Harvey’s impact.

At 11:53, Stig talks about changes in booty calls due to the hurricane. New winner due to how HEB handled the storm and their business model for emergencies. Also discussed, a few love letters and essays praising Houston as a city.

At 21:07, Bill and Stig discuss the approaching baseball magic number. The pair also discusses some new faces both on the field and hopefully in the stands. Dynamo drop a bit but are still competing. Rockets sold, new sponsors approaching!

At 28:35, Stig appeals for a beer sponsor! Both Bill and Stig mention what’s new for them to wrap the show up.

Show 116 – Harvey Winners and Loser

Show 116 starts with Bill and Stig finally getting back together after the hurricane physically prevented them from getting together. The pair tells what they are drinking this week and then discuss the local breweries activities in helping after the hurricane.

At 5:04, Bill and Stig discuss some observations about this particular hurricane and also talk about differences from previous hurricanes and tropical storms.

At 15:40, Stig presents a list of MVP’s that emerged during the storm along with one loser. Bill talks about the Governor’s disconnect to local officials.

At 24:56, Astros take center stage with the Rangers getting a bad reputation. Stig also mentions his travels to totality.

At 31:10, Bill and Stig talk a bit about a show at White Oak Music Hall featuring Giant Kitty and Boyfriend. The show ends with what’s new for the pair.

Show 115 – Pleasure Pier and Special Session

Show 115 starts with Bill and Stig discussing their beverages of choice and what’s coming up on the show.

At 2:58, the segment starts with a review of the free Ozomatli show at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Bill then updates what the Texas legislature is up to including the sunset bills.

At 11:19, Stig talks about the Pleasure Pier in Galveston. Bill picks up the conversation talking about other entities that were built over the water in Galveston, past and present.

At 17:32, the sports segment starts with big news about the Dynamo. Stig also formally rebrands BBVA Stadium. Bill and Stig continue to watch the Astros and critique their recent performances. The segment ends with talk about Greenspoint Mall being sold possibly.

At 24:14, the show wraps up with Bill discussing a documentary he watched and Stig discusses a Sports Illustrated virtual reality bonus.