Show 70 – Orlando, Copa America, and a Scavenger Hunt

Show 70 begins with a story from the road about working too much. Bill and Stig also discuss the heat and drink selections. Also jealous among the local breweries?

At 7:56, Stig begins a discussion on the Orlando tragedy. Included in the discussion were a few positive aspects including a GoFundMe campaign and how Houston would deal with a similar event. The segment ends with Lin-Manuel Miranda’s speech from the Tony awards.

At 17:36, Stig starts the Copa America talk including news from Foxboro, MA and the US team. Also, Brazil goes down amid a controversial play. The segment ends with a listing of the comics that will be appearing at Comic Strip.

At 27:48, Bill and Stig change their drinks and give a bit of NASA news. Bill talks about a recent scavenger hunt he took part in. Stig talks about beer in MA. Bill and Stig discuss about FPSF and why it may not be as appealing as it use to be.

At 38:48, Stig starts the segment with a bit of running talk. The segment continues with Stig talking about the new Paul Simon album, Bill covers developments from the Apple WWDC.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Pardon Me” – Incubus  (iTunes)
  • “All You Need Is Love” – Jim Sturgess (iTunes)
  • “Broken Revisited” – Tears for Fears (iTunes)
  • “She’s So Cold” – Rolling Stones (iTunes)

Show 58 – FBI vs Apple, Roller Derby, Olympic Qualifying Soccer Finals

Show 58 starts with Stig and Bill at the secret location and discussing their drinks and 40 Below.

At 4:30, Bill explains some of the details of the FBI and the government’s requests on Apple regarding the iPhone’s software.


At 15:56, Stig starts the segment with technology troubles. Bill tells about the beginning of Roller Derby season and a few changes that have occurred.

At 24:00, Stig tells about the Women’s Olympic Soccer Qualifiers that took place at BBVA Stadium. He also talks about the Houston Chapter of the American Outlaws.

At 32:50, Bill talks about what’s new to him, the Samantha Bee show – Full Frontal. Stig wraps up the episode with a discussion of The Fisher King and Terry Gilliam.

Houston Roller Derby

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Terry Gilliam

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Telephone Line” – Electric Light Orchestra (iTunes)
  • “Password” – Kitty Wells (iTunes)
  • “Brand New Key” – Melanie (iTunes)