Show 130 – Olympics Start and Primaries Upcoming

Show 130 starts with a bit of Olympic news and special beers for a special day. They guys also preview what’s coming up on the program.

Musical Break – Robert Ellis “Only Lies”

At 5:45, the Olympics discussion starts with medal counts and caloric intake for athletes. Astros news also begins.

Musical Break – Hoops McCann Band “Deacon Blues”

At 14:58, the Olympics take center stage with several stories coming out of Korea. Bill also takes us through a couple of upcoming political races in the neighborhood.

Musical Break – Little Feat “A Apolitical Blues”

At 28:55, Stig features an article from Vox. Bill and Stig talk about the Astrodome. The show wraps up with what’s new for the guys.


Show 108 – Sid Miller, Rainbow Crosswalk, Love Letters

Show 108 starts a rare daytime recording with a discussion of what Bill and Stig are drinking and a preview of what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:49, Stig corrects a few statements about the Texas legislature. Bill then gives his opinion on the upcoming Health Care bill. Stig talks for a moment about the pair of blue jays that are building a nest in his windowsill. Bill brings up a few mistakes Sid Miller has made lately and Stig wants Sean Spicer’s job.

At 11:36, the sports segment gets moved up and Stig begins by talking about the Astros in Oakland. Stig then gives a little additional information about the new Dash coach and updates on the performances of both the Dash and Dynamo. The segment concludes with an unnamed source’s view on the Astrodome.

At 19:45, Bill and Stig talk about the fact that there are new people in town that have never experienced a tropical storm or hurricane. Bill reports on a local blackout. Stig mentions the new special crosswalk.

At 27:41, Bill gives the scoop on the new law that requires one to be a certain age to get married. Stig has bag news that’s becoming a statewide issue. Stig then shares what’s new to him and Bill follows up with a love letter.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Number 9” – Moon Hooch (iTunes)
  • “Talkin Loud & Sayin Nothing” – J. Period feat. James Brown
  • “Thunder Clatter” – Wild Cub (iTunes)
  • “Walk Don’t Walk” – Prince and The New Power Generation (iTunes)

Show 107 – Texas Legislation Wins and Losses

Show 107 starts with some discussion about the downtown hotel and lazy river along with drink choices repeating themselves. Also included are some production notes about recording in a bar.

At 3:48, Stig starts a discussion on the completed legislative session. Topics to be included in the special session are mentioned as well as the new texting law. The discussion then turns to more discussion about the Astrodome.

At 13:27, Bill relates the shoving incident that occurred the last day of the session. Stig mentions another incident earlier in the year. Bill then mentions other losers including teachers probably.

At 22:04, Stig and Bill talk a little about the woes of the Houston Astros. The pair then mention a little Dash news.

At 28:14, Stig begins celebrity news with Kesha. Bill mentions the ship commissioning  in Galveston and the discussion turns to guns. The show wraps up with what’s new for each of the hosts.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Do Me!(Smooth)” – Bell Biv DeVoe (iTunes)
  • “Bathroom In A Bar” – The Side Project (iTunes)
  • “Banana Republic” – The Boomtown Rats (iTunes)
  • “Gold Trans Am” – Ke$ha (iTunes)

Show 27 – When I’m President and Conspiracy Theory

Show 27 starts with Mother Day’s greetings between Bill and Stig, and busy schedules continue for both.

At 5:42, Stig and Bill discuss the junior governor’s reaction to conspiracy theorists worries that the US may put Texas under martial law. Texas Ranger lore is also referenced. Bill discusses local elections in Harris and Montgomery county.

At 17:38, Bill and Stig talk about Ed Emmitt’s tour of Europe to get some more ideas on what to do with the Astrodome. Bill creates a new motto for Houston. A vast number of presidential candidates start the race, ten are from Houston.

At 33:11, the week’s sport news is discussed with some upcoming events in Houston.

At 38:03, Bill and Stig wrap up the show with what’s new. Stig tells about a travel program called WAZE along with giant rice krispies treats. Bill explains the rise and fall of Nepal literally due to the recent earthquake.

Texas Rangers’ History

2016 Presidential Hopefuls


That's one big treat!!

That’s one big treat!!


Music featured in this episode:

  • “Mama Don’t Allow” – Asylum Street Spankers (MySpace)
  • “A Conspiracy” – The Black Crowes  (iTunes)
  • “When I’m President” – Extreme (iTunes)
  • “Mama Jam” – Blue Millennium (Private Collection)

Show 24 – All About That Dome, James Glassman Interview, 8th Wonder Brewing

Bill and Stig Dome

Show 24 starts with Bill and Stig talking about what they’ve done since the last show along with drink selections.

At 5:29, the discussion of the Astrodome’s 50th birthday party starts.

At 8:24, Stig’s interview with James Glassman from about the Dome’s history and future.

James Glassman from

James Glassman from


At 17:50, Stig quizes Bill with Astrodome history.

At 23:21, Bill and Stig discuss the Astros second game of the season and Rockets climb to the playoffs.

At 30:18, Bill talks about Texas liquor laws, Stig talks about the bayou trails again, and both discuss Game of Thrones.

Happy 50th Birthday!!

Happy 50th Birthday!!

8th Wonder Brewery Tap Room Hours

Texas Taco Music Festival

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Make Some Room” – The Suffers (iTunes)
  • “Love Ya Blue” –  (YouTube)

Show 23 – #RaceTogether, Astrodome Break-in, SXSW Wrap up

Show 23 starts with complaints on Stig’s coffee and what was the original Sunday, Bloody Sunday. Bill wraps up SXSW with early Saturday morning shennanigans.

At 7:55, the discussions continue with the latest legislation monkey business, Stig discusses the Starbucks initiative to discuss race relations. After coffee, we talk about the two guys that broke into the Astrodome and posted photos.

At 22:10, Bill and Stig discuss the week’s sports talk including Astros and Rockets.

At 27:54, Stig and Bill discuss what’s new to them for the week. Stig learns about high end paper models and Bill brings another great series, The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt on Netflix.


Astrodome Adventure

Paper Millennium Falcon

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Music featured in this episode:

  • “We Don’t See Ourselves” – Hanne Kolstø (iTunes)
  • “Blah Blah Blah” – Girlpool (iTunes)
  • “Time To Go Home” – Chastity Belt (iTunes)