Show 144 – Afra Accusations, Bond Election

Show 144 starts with cheap beer offerings and happiness from the Astros.

Musical Break – They Might Be Giants “Even Numbers”

At 4:00, Stig and Bill discuss the bond issue and the details for the special election on September 25th.

Musical Break – Kaleo “All The Pretty Girls” (Live)

At 12:34, Bill and Stig discuss the accusations against Omar Afra, Dayfornight founder. The two also ponder the future of the festival.

Musical Break – Little Feat “Day or Night” (Live)

At 20:47, Bill talks about pitching changes with the Astros and the new Osuna acquisition.

Musical Break – Pharrell “Happy”

At 25:48, Stig and Bill wrap the show up with what’s new for them, escape rooms and the east side of Houston.