Show 100 – SXSW Review, Health Care Debate, Baseball Time

Show 100 starts with notes and corrections from the last couple of shows. Stig also clarifies who defends Kiki Maroon’s honor. Remember to keep up with the shows, Bill and Stig won’t necessarily give proper references. The segment ends with what’s coming up on the rest of the show.

At 5:07, Bill explains some recording techniques for podcasting. Stig begins the political news with national security and bad sports analogies. Bill reveals his Southwest Conference bias. Stig then explores the health care debate and picks on Louisiana.

At 13:58, Bill gets mentioned with Grinder in a tweet. Bill then reviews and introduces us to a few bands he discovered at SXSW.

Cherry Glazerr, Little Hurricane, Bluebonnets

Stig follows up telling how you can experience SXSW without going.

At 24:20, Stig mentions the Chuck Berry tribute at the Continental Club. Stig also tells the changes at Minute Maid Park, including Torchy’s and “date” night? Bill brings the latest Rick Perry news to the front.

At 33:10, Stig teases the upcoming celebration podcast. Bill covers the texting law in Sugar Land. The pair wraps up the show with what’s new to them.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Uncertainty” – Jagwar Ma (iTunes)
  • “Meet De Boys On The Battlefront” – Wild Tchoupitoulas (iTunes)
  • “Good As Hell” – Lizzo (iTunes)
  • “Mama” – Genesis (iTunes)

Show 66 – May Events, Oklahoma Worst State Ever?

Show 66 starts with Bill and Stig discussing what is an alt beer along with Bill’s cleanup after the storm. Stig also talks about what is coming up on the episode.

At 5:19, Stig talks about Facebook birthday protocol, then Bill takes up more political goofiness in Oklahoma. Bill and Stig discuss the Uber issue in Austin and fallout from the HERO proposition not passing. Stig ends the segment with a delicate subject for Oklahoma women.

At 16:20, Stig begs for feedback on the website and notes an upcoming spike in Japanese listeners. Bill and Stig then go through a list of several things to do this month in Houston from museums to bike rides to a few concerts.

At 31:12, Stig mentions a new sour beer that he tried this past week, Bill shares something all of us know too well.

Third Ward Bicycle Tour

Blasters Event on Facebook

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Heaven Knows” – The Pretty Reckless (iTunes)
  • “Something in Your Mouth” – Nickelback (iTunes)
  • “Rene and George Magritte with their Dog After the War” – Paul Simon (iTunes)

Show 61 – SXSW Reviews, March Madness, Polka Pete

The Peterson Brothers

The Peterson Brothers

Show 61 starts with a bit of talk about tournament brackets and a correction about the McElroy’s downtown. The guys preview what’s coming up on the show and share what they are drinking.

At 4:26, the segment starts with a discussion of all things SXSW. The discussion includes some of the shows that were seen as well as hanging at the festival without a wristband.

At 18:58, Stig and Bill continue with a brief discussion of some of the results of March Madness and the NCAA basketball tournament. Stig gives the schedule for the upcoming March Madness Concerts at Discovery Green during the Final Four Weekend. Stig and Bill continue with a little talk about the NIT tournament.

At 28:03, Bill and Stig continue the sports theme with a little talk about the Rockets and the Dynamo. Stig then discusses an issue on how today’s news stories are written. Stig then talks about what’s new to him, Bill has famous sightings in Austin early on a Saturday morning.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Bass Solo” – The Peterson Brothers live at the Continental Club, Austin
  • “Everybody Out” – Al Scorch (iTunes)
  • “Let’s Roll” – Bob Schneider live at the Mucky Duck, Houston (iTunes)

Show 59 – Super Tuesday, Tour de Houston, BBQ Cookoff

Show 59 starts with a preview of what’s on the show this week.

At 4:29, Stig and Bil talk about the Super Tuesday elections and describe their polling experiences. Bill and Stig then talk a little about the Republican debate and Christie’s endorsement.

JPL Grand TourAt 14:07, Bill tells about the World Championship BBQ competition that officially kicks off rodeo season. Stig then talks a little about NASA and JPL which is offering posters for download online. There’s a small snippet of John F. Kennedy’s Rice speech.

At 26:05, Stig discusses Dynamo soccer season coming up and their new jerseys. Bill chimes in on the upcoming Tour de Houston. The show concludes with Stig telling about the Austin 100 and Bill tells about a recent Continental Club show.

JPL Space Travel Posters

The 2016 Austin 100

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Cherokee Maiden” – Asleep At The Wheel (iTunes)
  • “Oh Sherrie” – Steve Perry (iTunes)
  • “Walking on the Moon” – Toots & The Maytals (iTunes)

Show 35 – Busy Weekend, Gold Cup, and Orange Seats.

Show 35 starts with Bill and Stig rolling through a little Gold Cup and Men’s National Soccer team analysis.

At 8:22, Stig starts with praising Bill’s mom on her travel photos. Stig then reviews Kiki’s Sordid Sideshow and gives it good marks. Bill talks about events at the Continental Club‘s 15th birthday party. Bill also mentions some experiences at the Big Top. No Steely Dan show for Stig and more problems with music video awards.

At 21:55, Stig gives his pronognosis on Bill’s head injury. Stig then talks about using the Nike running app. Bill picks up orange seats of history and has a good experience at the Nerg.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Fun It” – Queen (iTunes)
  • “Watching the Detectives” – Elvis Costello  (iTunes)
  • “No Woman, No Cry” – Bob Marley (iTunes)