Show 126 – Dayfornight Reviews, Harp Closing, Alexa!


Show 126 starts with a little flu talk and beers of the week. Also what is coming up is covered as well.

At 3:52, Stig and Bill review the musical portions of Dayfornight 2017 including Pussy Riot, NIN, Priests and other acts. There is a reference to the Vogue article on fashion.


At 16:03, Bill and Stig discuss the visual aspects and installations of the festival

At 23:33, Stig wraps up the Texans season, there’s Rocket news as well as Bill and Stig’s college teams results from the bowl season. Bill mentions the closing of the Harp and the two discuss different matters in West University.

At 33:12, the pair ends the show with a bit of other musical news featuring the New Duncan Imperials, Thrill, and Molly and the Ringwalds. As always, what’s new for the guys ends the program.

Dayfornight 2017 Cheat Sheet!!

It’s that time of the year again when we’ll spend many hours downtown taking in one of our favorite music festivals of the year – Dayfornight. After many hours this week of research of bands I don’t know, I’m sharing my cheat sheet with all of you. My editorial thoughts and notes are my own… I just don’t like dark ambient!! I will see you at En Vogue and The Jesus Lizard instead!   – Stig Daniels





Show 120 – Day for Night for Women, Piggy’s, Dream Girl

Show 120 starts with Bill and Stig talking about the premature reporting of Tom Petty’s death. Also discussed, what’s coming up during the rest of the show.

At 4:25, the segment starts with beer selections for the week. Stig and Bill then discuss Day for Night being a woman-centric festival.

Texas Monthly on Dayfornight

Also discussed is the shift of Nina Diaz, from the band Girl in a Coma, to also performing as a solo artist.

Houston Press on Nina Diaz

Music Break – Tom Petty “Time to Move On”

At 14:16, Bill shares some updates on the Texas Legislature especially regarding Joe Straus. Stig brings the news on jury assembly rooms downtown, a post-Harvey sad story.

At 23:16, Stig updates a parole hearing. Bill shares legal news concerning the downtown tigers. Stig and Bill then work the sports segment with Astros and Texans news.

At 37:37, Bill and Stig share what’s new for them this week. Bill goes to a new eatery, Stig watches a disturbing film.


Dream Girl

Show 89 – Dayfornight 2016 and LITH Purple and Black Party

Stig and Bill begin Show 89 at Town In City Brewing and discuss what’s coming up and their drink selections for the recording.

At 3:46, Stig and Bill discuss the various music acts they saw perform at the 2016 Dayfornight festival. A few of the groups discussed include Matmos, Odessa, Aphex Twin, Blood Orange, Butthole Surfers, and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Included are a few live samples of the bands.

At 15:49, Bill and Stig discuss the art installations at the festival including United Visual Artists, Bjork Digital and others.

At 29:58, Stig and Bill talk about the annual holiday party during Lights in the Heights at Bill’s residence. It’s an honest review.

At 37:18, Bill tells about a trip to the hardware store. Stig covers what’s new to him, a writing story, Bill covers a new comic book.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Hey Kids (Bumaye)” – Run The Jewels  (iTunes)
  • “Icky Wikky Lollie Pop” – Anklepants (iTunes)
  • “Best To You” – Blood Orange (iTunes)
  • “Say My Name” – ODESZA (iTunes)