Show 88 – Take My Coach, Take My Coach Please

Show 88 starts off with a bit of talk about the weather and Stig immediately mentions his drink and Bill’s shares info about his beer.

At 4:06, Stig mentions the large live audience and then talks about moving his company to New Zealand. Bill then talks about personnel shuffles between Houston and Austin, you take our coach – we’ll take your police chief. Stig then mentions the story about the woman on the tarmac at IAH. Bill tells about a band he saw this week.

At 15:24, Stig mentions some details about his L.A. trip. Stig and Bill then talk about the Astros’ new/old player and Tai’s Hill.

At 20:07, Bill promotes his political twitter feed and talks a bit about state officials. Stig mentions his read of Steve Martin’s “The Pleasure of My Company”. Bill updates us on a read and on changes at Fitzgerald’s.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Suffragette City” – David Bowie  (iTunes)
  • “Calhoun Square” – Prince (YouTube)
  • “Smoke and Mirrors” – Imagine Dragons (iTunes)

Show 52 – Refugees, UH Football Bowl Bound, Continental Club Show

Show 52 starts with some kidding about the SAP channel and recent over-exposure to Spanish. Stig then outlines what’s coming up on this edition.

At 4:48, Stig talks about his trip to LA and LA Live along with mass marketing and advertising signage. Bill discusses refugees coming to Houston along with certain state officials trying to prevent it. Also possible stupid things on the March ballot.

At 17:38, Stig talks about UH football winning the AAC and rumors of security abuse at the game. Bill and Stig then talk about Texas, the history of the Texas Bowl and the Rockets.

At 26:00, Bill and Stig discuss a bit of music including Becky G and the Los Bayou Ramblers. Fitzgerald’s club may still be in a state of flux. Stig then talks about early drinking on a Sunday.

At 32:24, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new for Stig. A quick exit and credits.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Refugee” – Tom Petty (iTunes)
  • “La Gripa” – Calibre 50 (iTunes)
  • “Goodnight LA” – Counting Crows (iTunes)
  • “Hey Mami” – Sylvan Esso (iTunes)


Fitzgerald’s Pop on a Tuesday

I was looking for some random new-to-me live music to see and didn’t have to look too far.

Tuesday at Fitzgerald’s are two duos who do pop music (The opener self describes as electronic soul). One from Britain, one from NY now residing in CA. Both are guy/girl combos, sharing vocals. I’m in a pop music kind of mood of late.

The Ting Tings are the headliner. @TheTingTings



And kaneholler is the opener. @kaneholler