Show 80 – Day for Night Preview, New TV Shows

Show 80 starts with Bill discussing pumpkin beer and Stig noting the death of Buckwheat Zydeco.

At 4:32, Stig and Bill discuss the upcoming Day for Night festival coming up in December including performer and artist information. Bill also adds his insights from attending last year’s inaugural edition.

Day for Night

At 13:44, Bill and Stig talk about Texas Governor Abbott’s desire to keep refugees from coming to Texas.

Bishop’s Response to Governor Abbott

Stig also discusses the upcoming Presidential debate and Mark Cuban. The pair has a surprise fan interrupt.

At 24:55, Stig and Bill discuss the local sports news including some predictions from the fivethirtyeight website. Stig then begins a discussion on a few new television shows.

At 35:16, Stig introduces a new segment and the pair talk about what is new this week for them.

Rewind: Sausage Fest at the Oddfellows Lodge #225 in the Heights.

Thien An

Show 55 – Death, Second Lines, Constitutional Amendments.

Show 55 starts with Stig and Bill discussing their drinks at Town in City Brewing and highlight what’s on the show.

At 4:33, Bill and Stig talk about the rash of celebrity and rock star deaths that have started the year. David Bowie’s career and music is highlighted in the segment.

At 13:44, Stig and Bill talk a bit about last years’ resolutions. Stig also details New Orleans tribute to Bowie and the pair discuss Allen Toussaint as well.

At 21:18, Bill discusses the Houston Marathon and Stig discusses how he is responsible for several college teams to lose. Bill talks about the Governor’s plan for Constitutional Amendments and Stig give’s his view on Sarah Palin’s endorsement announcement.

At 32:22, Bill gives us important updates on North Korea. Stig discusses analog technology back in fashion and then rails against fake credit card offers. Bill’s new thing confuses Stig.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Sue (Or in a Season of Crime” – David Bowie (iTunes)
  • “Nothing to Fear” – Oingo Boingo (iTunes)
  • “Southern Nights” – Allen Toussaint & Chet Atkins (iTunes)
  • “Colorful Kids” – Ha Ha Tonka (iTunes)