Show 56 – BCBC Festival Review, Sports Gambling in Texas, Weather.

Show 56 starts with Bill and Stig previewing what’s coming up on the show including a review of the BCBC, weather news, and corrections from the previous show.

At 4:25, segment two starts with a review of the recent Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival along with discussion of Stig and Bill’s favorite acts. Stig then discusses the Texans’ connections to the Super Bowl.

At 13:27, Bill starts segment three by connecting a Bronco’s player to certain earth sciences. Stig tries to discredit the Attorney General of Texas and Bill follows up with a recent opinion offered on sports betting in Texas. Also, will Texas have another NFL team?

At 23:56, Stig congratulates Bill on his tweet likes from NYC. Weather fatalities due to snow storms and other snow related news.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Signs” – Five Man Electrical Band (iTunes)
  • “I’m Ready, Let’s Roll” – Bob Schneider (Live at the Mucky Duck)
  • “France” – Lady Saw (from SXSW sampler)

Show 35 – Busy Weekend, Gold Cup, and Orange Seats.

Show 35 starts with Bill and Stig rolling through a little Gold Cup and Men’s National Soccer team analysis.

At 8:22, Stig starts with praising Bill’s mom on her travel photos. Stig then reviews Kiki’s Sordid Sideshow and gives it good marks. Bill talks about events at the Continental Club‘s 15th birthday party. Bill also mentions some experiences at the Big Top. No Steely Dan show for Stig and more problems with music video awards.

At 21:55, Stig gives his pronognosis on Bill’s head injury. Stig then talks about using the Nike running app. Bill picks up orange seats of history and has a good experience at the Nerg.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Fun It” – Queen (iTunes)
  • “Watching the Detectives” – Elvis Costello  (iTunes)
  • “No Woman, No Cry” – Bob Marley (iTunes)

Show 13 – Kiki Maroon and Houston Burlesque

Show 13 starts with Bill and Stig discussing their New Year’s Eves

At 6:27, Part one of their interview with burlesque clown and show promoter, Kiki Marroon starts.

Kiki Marroon Houston’s Burlesque Clown

At 19:59, Kiki tells Bill and Stig about the upcoming Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival along with detailing some of the performers scheduled to appear.

At 29:40, Bill reviews the Dallas Wild Card game and some Pro Bowl talk and Stig brings Taylor Swift back into the mix.

At 39:31, Stig talks about Coloring for Adults and Bill discusses geocaching.

Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival

Tickets for the Bayou City Burlesque and Circus Arts Festival

Coloring Book for Adults on Amazon

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Brick House” – The Commodores (iTunes)
  • “Freakshow” – The Tiger Lillies (iTunes)
  • “The Man on the Burning Tightrope” – Firewater (iTunes)
  • “All About That Bass” – Scott Bradlee featuring Kate Davis (iTunes)