Show 124 – Back and Better Than Ever! Vegas and DFW!!

Show 124 starts with apologies to the listeners about the lack of publishing after the World Series. Bill and Stig talk about their beers and what’s coming up on the show.

At 4:28, Stig relates a few stories from Las Vegas and a brush with greatness? Bill also tells about the Board Gaming Convention he attended in the DFW area.

Board Gaming Gift Guide

At 12:50, Stig gives Bill props for his college team loss. The discussion moves to the halftime performance. The fine at Auburn is also discussed and then the conversation moves back to College Station and Rice Uni. The university talk moves to another medical school here.

At 21: 20, Stig tells about biking and the lane on Lamar. Stig then tells about the MLS in Europe. Bill talks about the controversy out in Ft. Bend county about words. Bill’s cat is a killer. A local brewery moves. The show wraps up with the normal segment of what’s new for the pair.

Show 50 – A Skype Show between Arlington and Vegas with Roller Derby, Paris, and UH football.

Show 50 starts with Bill and Stig doing a Skype show between Arlington, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada.

At 3:28, Stig celebrates our second listener along with another UH football win. Bill switches before UH wins to the Baylor game. Bill discusses Roller Derby finals and media coverage.

At 12:33, Stig starts the segment talking about Vegas and the marathon being held there. Bill talks about public transportation in the Metroplex. Stig then talks about his 20th anniversary and wedding music.

At 20:04, Stig and Bill talk a bit about Astros. Bill has a round of disc golf. Oxford’s Dicitionary word of the year is not a word. The two finish the segment talking about the insane backlash of governors saying refugees are not welcome in certain states.

At 26:56, Bill and Stig finish the show with what’s new to them. Stig is enjoying Bill is watching “Man in the High Castle”.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Out of My Mind” – Brick & Lace
  • “Calling Elvis” – Dire Straits (iTunes)
  • “Beauty of a Dream” – Thomas Dolby (iTunes)
  • “Parlez-moi d’amour” – Dana Boulé