Show 121 – 2017 Moonlight Ramble

Moonlight Ramble 2017

Show 121 starts with Bill and Stig fighting for audio levels over the trivia host. A preview of what is coming up on the show is included.

At 3:44, the segment begins with a discussion of drink choices for the game viewing. Stig and Bill then talk about the 2017 Moonlight Ramble which they both took part in.

At 13:04, Stig and Bill talk about the Astros series over the week in New York. Texans and Rockets are also included in the sports segment.

At 1915, Bill and Stig wrap up the short show with what is new to them, Bill has advice, Stig eats fancy tacos.

Show 82 – Debate Number 2, Depressed Cake Sale, Upcoming Events!

Depressed Cake Sale

Depressed Cake Sale

Show 82 starts with Stig and Bill disclosing their beer choices for the week and what’s coming up on the show for this week.

At 3:42, Stig and Bill start the discussion on the weeks’ political news mostly concerning the second Presidential debate. Along the way, body mechanics are discussed along with millionaire’s tax returns. Bill makes comparisons between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

At 16:50, Stig turns the show to happier news with the Depressed Cake sale which was held last week. There was also some amusement with the Deep Eddy Vodka ambassador being a look-a-like. Stig and Bill then discuss the weeks sports news in an abbreviated segment.

At 25:42, Bill and Stig trade notes on all the upcoming events on their calendars. Bill is ready for Echo and the Bunnymen. Elvis Costello plays Revention. Java Muses favorite, Thrill, play the Hellcat Cafe. Also this weekend, the Taste of the Caribbean and the Korean Festival along with the Brazilian Festival on Sunday.

At 30:11, Stig adds to the calendar the Moonlight Ramble on October 22nd. Also on the same day, Tacolandia! compliments of the Houston Press.

At 34:52, Bill brings OPEC news to the table. For the new things this week, Stig goes cerebral with being happy with his work, Bill covers and online comic, Questionable Content.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “O.G. Original Gangster” – Ice-T  (iTunes)
  • “Manic Depression” – Jimi Hendrix Experience (iTunes)
  • “Pump It Up” – El-Co (Private Collection)
  • “Ken Bone” – Stephen Robert (YouTube)
  • “Vanz Kant Danz” – John Fogerty (iTunes)


Show 49 – BikeHouston Midnight Ramble and a Coffee Porter Party

Bill is ready to roll!

Bill is ready to roll!

Show 49 starts out with full disclosure of Stig and Bill recording will slightly buzzed. They begin with a little talk about the Real Ale Coffee Porter Party.

At 4:23, Bill and Stig recount riding in the 2015 BikeHouston Moonlight Ramble. The two talk about the route, the attendance, and the ride in general. Stig then talks about finishing the evening at Mongoose vs. Cobra and a wonderful gin drink.

At 18:25, Bill brings light to a story of another Texas city making questionable choices in their elections.

At 24:50, Stig starts the sports segment out with some Twitter news! Rockets and UH football continue to win.

At 30:47, Bill and Stig wrap up the show a little more buzzed than at the beginning. Bill shares a video smash up with the Wizard of Oz, Stig offers a MIT authored offering known as the Infinite Loop Jukebox.

Mongoose vs. Cobra

Music featured in this episode:

  • “That Day Will Come” – Capleton (iTunes)
  • “Wild” – Royal Teeth (iTunes)
  • “Wedding Bells” – John Prine and Lucinda Williams (iTunes)
  • “La Guitara de Becky” – from High Heels

Show 45 – National Night Out, Daylight Savings, Astros Playoffs!

Coffee Poem

Show 45 starts with Bill and Stig giddy about the Astros being in the playoffs. Bill’s week no so good due to continuing jury duty. Stig’s coffee stirs controversy with talk of it having a BBC.

At 5:31, Stig and Bill talk about Governor Abbott’s twitter comments on the Cowboys. Bill then discusses his National Night Out in his neighborhood. Stig unfortunately signs up for his neighborhood’s website. Bill reports on the Townie meeting Stig watches baseball with the attorneys.

At 16:29, the guys begin the segment with talk about the upcoming Moonlight Ramble. Bill gives us a glimpse of his Halloween plans.

At 20:59, the sports segment starts with some lineup card controversy.Lineup Card

Stig and Bill then cover a bit of college sports with Texas and Tech and Baylor football talk. Astro analysis about having to only win one game out of two.

At 31:10, Stig and Bill finish up the show with what’s new to them. Stig begins a 27 disc set of a book on CD. Bill gets at new tool chest.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Perfect Stranger” – Grace Weber (iTunes)
  • “Searchlight” –John Fogerty (iTunes)
  • “Hall of Fame” – The Script featuring (iTunes)
  • “Movin’ On Strong” – King Floyd (iTunes)


Show 3 – Houston and Texas Politics featuring an interview with Andrea Greer

Show 3 is important to us because we get to cover the political scene in Houston. With so many people not involved or even voting in off-year elections, we are hoping to impart some information on the local races and issues.

We are very delighted to present Andrea Greer, our favorite political expert on issues both local, statewide, and national.

Show 3 starts with a quick review of Houston’s Moonlight Ramble bicycle ride

At 5:50, Stig and Bill interview Andrea Greer about Houston’s political scene and trends, along with specifics on upcoming races.

At 25:50, Part 2 of the interview with Andrea continues.

At 36:27, Bill and Stig cover the week’s sporting news.

At 40:55, Stig brings up ebola again and Bill discusses early voting.

At 48:30, Stig discusses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Telecast, Bill finishes up the show with a brief discussion of Robert Heinlein’s “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel”

Houston League of Women Voters Guide available at:

Harris County Polling Locations and Sample Ballot available at:

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Political Science” – Randy Newman (iTunes)
  • “Politician” – Cream (iTunes)
  • “Politics In Space” – Kate Miller-Heidke (iTunes)
  • “Politics of Dancing” – Re-flex (iTunes)

Show 2 – Top Ten Bars in Houston to Take Out-of-Towners

A topic near and dear to our hearts, bars in Houston. But where would you take an out of town guest if they were visiting here? We tackle the Houston Press list and give our opinions based on extensive research.

Show 2 starts with Bill and Stig welcoming listeners and their new bona fide status.

At 2:30, they begin the discussion on Houston’s Top 10 bars to take out of town guests.

At 11:22, Stig and Bill continue the bar discussion with the top of the list.

At 26:22, there is a discussion of sports news for the week.

At 33:34, Stig contemplates trying to put down his phone as inspired by Rapper Prince   EA

At 37:22, Bill discusses Trans comics and TV programs, the Big Brew Houston, and this weeks Midnight Ramble. (Moonlight Ramble)

Music used in this episode:

  • “D.R.I.N.K.” – Asylum Street Spankers (iTunes)
  • “I’m Drinking Again” – Ry Cooder (iTunes)
  • “I’m Always Drunk in San Francisco” – Nancy Wilson (iTunes)