Show 68 – Texas Politics, State GOP Convention, Bathrooms!!

Show 68 starts with beer conversation and what’s coming up on the show, including bathroom legislation and odd happenings in Dallas.

At 3:44, Bill talks about purchasing rain barrels and we compliment Mitch Cohen on the launching of The Market at Sawyer Yards. Bill and Stig then breakdown various happenings at the Texas GOP convention in Dallas. We then answer the question, “Will Texas turn blue?”.

At 14:56, Stig and Bill discuss bathroom judgments and higher education. Bill talks about changing chromosome combinations. Bill wraps the segment with Paxton’s comments on Target’s bathroom policies.

At 28:06, Stig starts with the recent decisions to get rid of Uber and Lyft in Austin. Bill and Stig consider local government making regulations. Stig then gets upset with high definition laundry soap. Bill shares something new to watch, Stig suggests a new music video worth watching.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Don’t Believe the Hype” – Public Enemy  (iTunes)
  • “Brick” – Ben Folds Five (iTunes)
  • “YYZ” – Rush (iTunes)

Show 67 – $2 Bills, Zoning and Crawfish

Show 67 starts with Stig and Bill talking about this week’s beer selections and previewing what’s coming up on the show.

At 4:15, Stig and Bill talk about their Mother’s Day activities and then just a bit about the Beyonce concert. Bill then reviews the current presidential campaign news. Stig then relates the story about the fiasco over an old $2 bill in Fort Bend county.

At 16:15, Bill and Stig talk a little about crawfish season and the Kentucky Derby. Stig then tell about an A&M pitcher’s no-hitter over the weekend.

A&M No Hitter

At 23:17, Stig gives just a bit of sporting news from the local teams and then Bill and Stig discuss zoning in Houston. The show wraps up with what’s new to Bill and Stig.

Kinder Institute for Urban Research at Rice

Music featured in this episode:

  • “San Francisco” – The Mowgli’s  (iTunes)
  • “For the Love of Money” – The O’Jay’s (iTunes)
  • “Baseball” – Michael Franks (iTunes)

Show 64 – Art Car Ball and Parade Review, Political Corruption?

Zebra Crew

Zebra Crew

Show 64 starts with an executive producer correction about the Astros lottery – Share 2 Care. Bill and Stig then preview what’s coming up on the show.

At 4:43, Bill gives a comprehensive review on the Art Car Ball and Parade, Stig discusses briefly CounterCulture 16.

At 11:52, Stig and Bill discuss ongoing questionable activities by former Governor Perry and Sid Miller, aka the Rodeo Clown. Stig gives a brief review of sports about the Houston area.

At 21:19, Stig shares what’s new to him with a new software game and Bill wraps up the show dropping more knowledge bombs.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “I Feel Lucky” – Mary Chapin Carpenter (iTunes)
  • “She Blows Hot and Cold” – Freddie Mercury (unreleased)
  • “Rough Boys” – Pete Townsend (iTunes)

Show 33 – Legislative Review and Bicycle Dangers

Show 33 starts with Bill and Stig discussing the previous weekends’ events and their beverages of choice.

At 4:21, Bill talks about attending a legislative review of the past state’s session hosted in Houston by the Texas Tribune. The two also give a little commentary on the past Pride Week’s activities.

At 14:33, Stig discusses the ongoing danger of bicycling in Houston. Recently in Houston, there’s been a spike in fatalities. A full show was dedicated to this issue – Show 10.

At 18:58, Bill reports on the new port in town along with his attendance at “Men for Choice”. Stig and Bill then wrap up the week with what’s new for both of themselves.

Texas Tribune

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Penthouse to Pavement” – Drink Me (Discogs)
  • “In Spite of Ourselves” – John Prine with Iris DeMent  (iTunes)
  • “Flowers for Zoe” – Lenny Kravitz (iTunes)
  • “Back In My Arms” – Robert Palmer (iTunes)

Show 3 – Houston and Texas Politics featuring an interview with Andrea Greer

Show 3 is important to us because we get to cover the political scene in Houston. With so many people not involved or even voting in off-year elections, we are hoping to impart some information on the local races and issues.

We are very delighted to present Andrea Greer, our favorite political expert on issues both local, statewide, and national.

Show 3 starts with a quick review of Houston’s Moonlight Ramble bicycle ride

At 5:50, Stig and Bill interview Andrea Greer about Houston’s political scene and trends, along with specifics on upcoming races.

At 25:50, Part 2 of the interview with Andrea continues.

At 36:27, Bill and Stig cover the week’s sporting news.

At 40:55, Stig brings up ebola again and Bill discusses early voting.

At 48:30, Stig discusses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Telecast, Bill finishes up the show with a brief discussion of Robert Heinlein’s “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel”

Houston League of Women Voters Guide available at:

Harris County Polling Locations and Sample Ballot available at:

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Political Science” – Randy Newman (iTunes)
  • “Politician” – Cream (iTunes)
  • “Politics In Space” – Kate Miller-Heidke (iTunes)
  • “Politics of Dancing” – Re-flex (iTunes)