Show 127 – New Years Eve and Like Really Smart Tweets

Show 127 starts with a correction and then Bill remembers his beer, Stig does not. Also mentioned is a preview on what’s coming up on the show.

Musical Break – Bjork “Play Dead”

At 4:11, Stig talks about being called out on social media. New Years’ celebrations are then discussed. A bit of the cold snap is discussed including sad news from Levy Park.

Musical Break – En Vogue “My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)

At 11:40, Bill discusses a candidate for Texas governor from Dallas. Stig discusses some distaste with Nikki Haley. Bill and Stig then talk about the “tweet” of the week.

Musical Break – Frank Zappa “Valley Girl”

At 20:11, Stig brings out the sports minute, football playoffs and Rockets have a tragic loss. At Texas university’s basketball team is .933.

Musical Break – Gregory Isaacs “The Border”

At 26:22, Stig remembers the beer he was drinking and Bill and Stig share what’s new for them with you.

Show 112 – Rockets for Sale, Drug Field Testing Gone

Show 112 starts with Bill giving a little education on beer. Stig notes that there is no Italian collusion with the Java Muses.

At 4:02, Stig and Bill look at the details of the special legislative session for Texas. Included in the discussion is some of the Governor’s special issues. The segment ends with a ranking of office rental space in the state.

At 12:58, in the business news segment, Bill notes the interesting problem the Rocket’s sale includes. There is also a discussion on a few of the potential buyers of the team.

At 18:50, Stig mentions a new policy in cooperation between the city and sheriff’s offices about field drug testing and a very large number of false positives and false confessions. On a lighter note, Bill explains an unwelcomed beer tasting.

At 25:10, the show wraps up with a sports segment including the recent Copa de Oro game at BBVA, a major Astros injury, and what’s new for Bill and Stig.

Show 65 – Stages of Twitter Grief, More Rain Events

Houston Flood Logo

Proposed new flag for Houston. Design suggested by Cort McMurray, “Houston needs a new flag. With a flood. And an armadillo.” Illustration by Ken Ellis / Chronicle.


Show 65 starts with Bill and Stig discussing what will be coming up on the show and their use of antihistamines. As usual, they also mention their current beers for the recording session.

At 5:16, Stig and Bill begin a discussion on the Houston Tax Day Rain Event. Included in the commentary is analysis on the media coverage and other specifics on totals and more.

Houston Chronicle article – Does Development cause flooding?

Space City Weather – Flooding Review

At 14:29, Stig goes through the five stages of grieving on Twitter after a celebrity dies.

At 22:16, Bill and Stig go over a few things that happened in the Houston Sports world. Stig slams a Texas Ranger broadcast. Bill brings us up to date on Houston Roller Derby. Stig finally has one sticker for all. The show concludes with Bill sharing a new iPad application and Stig discovers something old on YouTube.

Heuristic Shakespeare – The Tempest App

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Let’s Go Crazy” – Incubus (iTunes)
  • “Delirious” – Guy Forsyth (Discogs)
  • “Manic Monday” – Missile Command (Discogs)
  • “Darling Nikki” – Christina Marrs (Discogs)

Show 29 – Flooding and a Rockets Win!!

Show 29 starts with Bill telling about his weekend in Wimberly and Stig spends the weekend in L.A.

Rockets Playoff Win!

Rockets Playoff Win!

At 5:31, Stig and Bill talk about the Rockets win over the Warriors. The two discuss the game along with the Toyota Center’s presentation. They also talk about tshirt tosses.

At 15:48, Bill and Stig cover the aspects of the recent flooding in Houston.

At 27:50, Stig cover other sports news about the Texans, Dynamos, and Astros.

At 33:20, Stig discovers a little more of the bayou trails, Bill does some recent work with Flickr.

Seen near UCLA

Seen near UCLA

Bill’s Flickr Flood Pictures 

Buffalo Bayou Partnership

Music featured in this episode:

  • Tunes“California (There Is No End to Love)” – U2 (iTunes)
  • “Fire on the Bayou” – Neville Brothers  (iTunes)
  • “If I Should Fall from Grace With God” – Pogues (iTunes)
  • “The Tiger and the Lamb” – Bob Schneider (Live Recording)
  • “Broken Revisited” – Tears for Fears (iTunes)

Show 6 – The Death of Comcast Sports Net Houston

Show 6 is a special interest show about the evolution of sports broadcasting in Houston. We are joined by John Royal who covered the story of the demise of Comcast Sports Net Houston for a blog for the Houston Press.

With a new broadcast entity for the Rockets and Astros, we take a look at what happened over the last couple of years, reflect back on the history of broadcasting sports in Houston, and contemplate the future for viewers.

Show 6 starts with the announcement of

At 4:35, an interview with John Royal about the death of Comcast Sports Net Houston and sports broadcasting history in Houston.

At 16:19, Part 2 of our interview with John Royal.

At 26:36, Bill and Stig discuss “Too Many Cooks”

At 31:56, Bill tell us about his new home appliance and Stig considers the art of Nick Anderson

Follow John Royal on Twitter @John_Royal

You can find “Too Many Cooks” on YouTube

Nick Anderson

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Sports Fan” – The Tubes (iTunes)
  • “The Sporting Life” – The Decemberists (iTunes)
  • “Effington” – Ben Folds (iTunes)