Show 4 – Sunday Streets Houston

Show 4 was a blast to prepare because we got on our bikes and took part of Sunday Streets Houston. Although Bill had attended previous Sunday Streets, it was Stig’s first and a beautiful day and lots of fun.


Cafe 4212

Cafe 4212

Show 4 starts with a wrap up of Stig and Bill’s activities during the week of Halloween.

At 6:44, Bill and Stig discuss Sunday Streets Houston last event in the Third Ward.

At 16:44, Stig and Bill cover the week’s sporting news.

At 23:47, Stig talks about the Alice Cooper tour, Bill discusses a Hulu series, and they wrap up the show with Stig’s iPod.


Music featured in this episode:

  • “Ghost in a Bikini” – The Judys
  • “Dead Man’s Party” – Oingo Boingo (iTunes)
  • “Goblin Girl” – Frank Zappa (End Credits) (iTunes)