Show 133 – McNair Statements, Stormy Daniels, Houston Sign Moves


Stig and Bill begin the show talking about a brewing trick going on around town and what’s coming up on the program.

Musical break – Red Rider “Lunatic Fringe”

At 4:28, Bill and Stig discuss the March for Your Life event along with a few things that happened around the event. Bob McNair has spoken again. Show 131 correction.

Musical break – Les Paul and Mary Ford “How High the Moon”

At 14:08, Bill and Stig remember that what you put on the internet stays on the internet. Stig feels like a winner due to Texas Tech. The guys also discuss the sellout soccer game at the Microwave. Stig also mentions the Dash home opening game. The segment ends with news that the I heart Houston sign has moved.

Musical break – T-Bone Walker “Call It Stormy Monday”

At 20:40, Stig mentions some of the changes due to the World Series win and a visit to the White House. The guys finally weigh in on Stormy Daniels. The show ends with a nature moment from Stig and a new art find from Bill.

Show 91 – Texans Playoff and SB 6

Show 91 starts with a sound byte from Mark Hamill reading a DJ Trump tweet for the new year. Stig mentions it’s Christmas time for him and Bill talks about one of his presents. The pair then covers what coming up on the show.

At 4:27, Stig starts the discussion about the Texans playoff game with Oakland and then, Bill and Stig discuss the upcoming game with the Patriots. Bill mentions the Xanadudes show this weekend at the Continental Club. Stig then mentions his learning about the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio and plans for defacing recording locations.

At 12:31, Bill tries to start a feud between the Muses and the Whiskey Brothers. Stig has a plan for a wall between the U.S. and Canada. Bill gives a bit of trivia on snow and buffalo. Stig and Bill then talk about Senate Bill 6 and strange things happening in Pasadena.

City of the Future from the BBC

At 20:16, Bill talks about the very severe freeze last week. Stig reflects on UH basketball and Hoffeinz Pavillion.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Summer” – Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox  (iTunes)
  • “Weekend in New England” – Barry Manilow (iTunes)


Show 87 – Thanksgiving Travels, Purple and Black, Coaching Changes

Show 87 starts with Stig talking about recent illness and the fact that he hasn’t seen Bill in a few weeks. Bill talks about a bit of holiday travel and a few of the things he did including Wurstfest.

At 4:49, Bill and Stig talk about post election reactions. Bill then starts a discussion about the Lights in the Heights Christmas Party including the Purple and Black theme. Stig talks about the unbalanced Prince to Bowie CD collection. Bill then talks about destroying his iPhone.

At 13:03, Stig talks about multiple sporting events on the same court on the same day. Bill tells a bit about the Texans at home including the roof staying on during a beautiful day. At UH, a coaching change is made. Stig and Bill compare and contrast Herman vs. Strong. Bill finishes the segment with a comment on the JJ Watt editorial.

At 23:32, Stig reports on the Nutcracker and Christmas music on Sunny 99. Bill informs the new norm on when to break up around the holidays. Bill reports on his discovery of Edison’s, a new bar with food.

At 31:44, Bill reminds Stig to reports on what the two of them are drinking! Stig has drinks with World Cup buddy in Vegas. Bill takes in a movie at Sundance downtown. Stig gets schooled on a band called All Time Low but does remember Green Day.

Show 84 – Brenham Wedding, Aeros History, DA’s Race Gets Nasty.

Show 84 starts with Stig describing his girl-drink-drunk coffee and Bill corrects a mislocated brewery.

Brazos Valley Brewery

At 4:57, Bill brings us news from Russia and the Piney Woods. Stig briefly discusses the Harris County’s District Attorney’s race which turned nasty this week. Stig then mentions all the things that were going on the past weekend and Bill gives us a review of things to do while at a wedding in and around Brenham, Texas.

At 19:07, Stig talks about working AHL hockey in San Antonio and reflects on the loss of the beloved Houston Aeros. Bill mentions the CUSA game that had 5 overtimes. Stig wraps up the segment incorrectly identifying the hotel where Robert Johnson recorded in the 1930’s.

At 27:24, Stig acknowledges that both he and Bill were too quick to jump on the Texans losing bandwagon last week. Bill gives news on our #1 fan. Stig explains how you can be like Bill, hip and cool. The show wraps up with Stig and Bill sharing what is new for the week to them.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Fun It” – Queen  (iTunes)
  • “Roadhouse Blues” – The Doors (iTunes)
  • “Dead Shrimp Blues” – Robert Johnson (iTunes)

Show 54 – Open Carry, Bowl Games, Texas Sues the EPA

Show starts with Stig and Bill exchanging New Years’ greetings and discussing their drinks. After a bit of talk about what each did for the holiday, Stig previews what’s coming up on the show.

At 5:41, Stig and Bill discuss the new “open carry” law which went into effect on January 1st. They also talk about the concept of “safe” zones and a list of establishments stance on allowing guns in or out.

At 17:31, Bill and Stig discuss a few of the recent bowl games. Stig also tells about his first experience at Allen Fieldhouse. The segment ends with talk about the Texans playoff future.

At 27:59, Bill brings an outstanding report on the state suing the EPA. The show concludes with Stig and Bill telling what is new for each of them for week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Jumping Jack Flash” – Peter Frampton (iTunes)
  • “Happiness is a Warm Gun” – Tori Amos (iTunes)
  • “Point of No Return” – Kansas (iTunes)

Show 42 – Refugees, Long Tailed Curves, and New Turf for the Texans

This is a mixtape!

This is a mixtape!

Show 42 starts with a quick recap of Bill and Stig’s weekends.

At 3:50, Stig starts a discussion of the vast number of refugees that are relocated to Houston. Citing an article from the Houston Chronicle, Bill and Stig discuss how and why Houston is so popular as a refugee location. The segment ends with a bit of reality television discussion.

At 15:32, Bill and Stig talk about various aspects of long tail distribution as exampled by Mr. Shirley’s tweet earlier in the week. Stig does not go into so much detail about mechanics of fluids.

At 24:34, Stig and Bill discuss a change in the NeRG’s playing surface and how the Astro’s are slowing their pace now that the playoffs are near.

At 31:55, Stig tells about starting another 5K training program and the bad advertising from Apple Music promoting “mix tapes“! Bill shares an eBay shipping story as what’s new for him.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Immigrant Song” – Led Zeppelin (iTunes)
  • “Number 9” – Moon Hooch  (iTunes)
  • “So What” – Pink (iTunes)
  • “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” – Peter Frampton (iTunes)