Show 41 – Astros, Texans, Cobert, and Burning Man

Show 41 starts with Bill and Stig talking about their beers and the previous weekend. Bill has surgery and pays for the sins of his childhood.

At 7:02, Bill and Stig discuss the Texan’s first game of the season and quarterback issues already. Also discussed is a bit of college football and a discussion of charging visiting bands for their seats on the road.

At 18:29, Stig and Bill break down the Astro’s schedule and the run to the pennant race. The recent twitter fued between @astros and A’s fans in Oakland is also covered.

At 25:59, Bill and Stig talk about Stephen Cobert’s debut on Network TV. Stig complains about the streaming issues he’s having with Xfinity. A satire of the commercialization of Burning Man by Quizno’s is also discussed.

At 37:20, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new to each of them. Bill will have a guest, Stig runs fartleks.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Seamus” – Pink Floyd (iTunes)
  • “Shadows In The Rain” – Sting  (iTunes)
  • “Neon Fists” – Yellow Ostrich (iTunes)
  • “Rescue, Mister” – Trust (iTunes)


Show 38 – Houston Bucket List, Astros No-Hitter, Texans Practice


Afternoon Editing!

Afternoon Editing!

Show 38 starts with Bill and Stig talking about the Friday night no-hitter by Mike Fiers and make excuses for not attending the games live.

At 6:28, Stig and Bill begin their discussion on the Houston 100 Bucket List. This week they discuss the bottom third of the list and will cover 33 items next week and the following week. On the list this week various bars, museums, and activities are discussed.

At 20:13, Bill and Stig talk about Texans’ pre-season games and the ongoing penant races in the MLB. Included is info about the upcoming schedules for both teams. The pair also discuss the history of no-hitters at Minute Maid and with the Astros.

At 28:34, Stig and Bill wrap up the week with news from BikeHouston, a police incident at Oregon football practice, and bad texting from the judicial bench. After that, Bill shares his TopGolf outing and Stig continues to spend too much time on the Buffalo Bayou Running Loop.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Jerk Ribs” – Kelis (iTunes)
  • “Everybody Loves Me” – OneRepublic  (iTunes)
  • “Planet of New Orleans” – Dire Straits (iTunes)