Show 115 – Pleasure Pier and Special Session

Show 115 starts with Bill and Stig discussing their beverages of choice and what’s coming up on the show.

At 2:58, the segment starts with a review of the free Ozomatli show at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Bill then updates what the Texas legislature is up to including the sunset bills.

At 11:19, Stig talks about the Pleasure Pier in Galveston. Bill picks up the conversation talking about other entities that were built over the water in Galveston, past and present.

At 17:32, the sports segment starts with big news about the Dynamo. Stig also formally rebrands BBVA Stadium. Bill and Stig continue to watch the Astros and critique their recent performances. The segment ends with talk about Greenspoint Mall being sold possibly.

At 24:14, the show wraps up with Bill discussing a documentary he watched and Stig discusses a Sports Illustrated virtual reality bonus.

Show 107 – Texas Legislation Wins and Losses

Show 107 starts with some discussion about the downtown hotel and lazy river along with drink choices repeating themselves. Also included are some production notes about recording in a bar.

At 3:48, Stig starts a discussion on the completed legislative session. Topics to be included in the special session are mentioned as well as the new texting law. The discussion then turns to more discussion about the Astrodome.

At 13:27, Bill relates the shoving incident that occurred the last day of the session. Stig mentions another incident earlier in the year. Bill then mentions other losers including teachers probably.

At 22:04, Stig and Bill talk a little about the woes of the Houston Astros. The pair then mention a little Dash news.

At 28:14, Stig begins celebrity news with Kesha. Bill mentions the ship commissioning  in Galveston and the discussion turns to guns. The show wraps up with what’s new for each of the hosts.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Do Me!(Smooth)” – Bell Biv DeVoe (iTunes)
  • “Bathroom In A Bar” – The Side Project (iTunes)
  • “Banana Republic” – The Boomtown Rats (iTunes)
  • “Gold Trans Am” – Ke$ha (iTunes)

Show 99 – Masturbation Bill, March Madness Deep Picks

Show 99 starts with driving differences between Houston and Denver and notes on what’s coming up on the week’s show.

At 4:20, Stig and Bill begin sharing this week’s beer selections and start a discussion on “Death by Stig”. Bill then shares his observation on this year’s SXSW 100 from NPR along with his plans for his trip. Stig then talks just a bit about Soviet Soviet. Stig and Bill discuss some deep picks for March Madness.

At 17:51, Bill state representative proposes a bill that would actually effect men instead of women for a change.

At 25:09, Stig starts with random news from Minute Maid Park. Bill shares a story from the World Baseball Classic. Also, great deal on Astros tickets are explained. Stig then tell why the pair won’t be attending the USWNT game at BBVA. The segment ends with an update on the Comic Con/Kiki Maroon conflict.

At 34:34, Stig shares his learning of the Resistbot, Bill follows up by sharing possibly too much.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Mountains” – Prince and the Revolution (iTunes)
  • “Zundoko” – Pink Martini (iTunes)
  • “Thank You Baby” – Pop Kings (Private Collection)
  • “Slut” – Todd Rundgren (iTunes)


Show 33 – Legislative Review and Bicycle Dangers

Show 33 starts with Bill and Stig discussing the previous weekends’ events and their beverages of choice.

At 4:21, Bill talks about attending a legislative review of the past state’s session hosted in Houston by the Texas Tribune. The two also give a little commentary on the past Pride Week’s activities.

At 14:33, Stig discusses the ongoing danger of bicycling in Houston. Recently in Houston, there’s been a spike in fatalities. A full show was dedicated to this issue – Show 10.

At 18:58, Bill reports on the new port in town along with his attendance at “Men for Choice”. Stig and Bill then wrap up the week with what’s new for both of themselves.

Texas Tribune

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Penthouse to Pavement” – Drink Me (Discogs)
  • “In Spite of Ourselves” – John Prine with Iris DeMent  (iTunes)
  • “Flowers for Zoe” – Lenny Kravitz (iTunes)
  • “Back In My Arms” – Robert Palmer (iTunes)

Show 17 – Super Bowl Recap!

Show 17 starts out with Stig and Bill discussing the Super Bowl, and JJ Watt gets a cabin in the woods.

At 10:25, Bill and Stig continue with a discussion on the halftime performances at the Super Bowl.

At 18:59, Stig discusses travels in Mississippi and commercial radio, Bill tells us about a bill introduced in the Texas Legislature to protect the Alamo. Stig gives a very informal review of Weights + Measures.

At 27:02, Stig gives a quick Rockets update, concert news for Valentines’ Day, Stig plays a clip from an old Police documentary, Bill finds good journalism and editorship. They wrap up the show with a recent case of a Florida bicyclist winning the right to ride in the full lane.

Weights + Measures

The Police: Certifiable

The Economist

Florida Cyclist Wins Court Case

Music featured in this episode:

  • “My Parties” – Dire Straits (iTunes)
  • “Neon Fists” – Yellow Ostrich (iTunes)
  • “Blossom” – Black Atlass