Show 119 – Houston’s New Beaches, Handling the 24/7 News Cycle

Show 119 starts with Stig verifying Bill’s Instagram account and a little talk about the recording environment. The two reveal their beverage selections and preview what’s coming up on the show.

At 3:57, Stig poses the question, “How do you deal with the 24/7 news cycle?”. Bill and Stig discuss how to cope.

Music Break – William Hong “Rocket Man”

At 15:48, Stig mentions the Swamplot photo essay of the silt deposits around Buffalo Bayou. Stig then talks about the UH/Texas Tech game and contrasts that with the Dash game. A bit of news regarding the Texans and Astros is also covered.

At 24:49, Bill and Stig talk about the rain finally returning for the first time since the hurricane and resulting stress.

At 29:20, Bill and Stig wrap up the episode with what’s new for them, Stig highlights a color, Bill mentions some television.

Show 5 – The Pastry War

Finally a chance to do the thing we love the most, a bar review. After reading about the Pastry War in Bon Appetite magazine, a trip was needed to see why it’s listed as one of the Top 5 New Bars in the country.

The Pastry War Interior

The Pastry War Interior

Add a mezcal tasting, and the trip is complete.

The Mezcal Tasting

The Mezcal Tasting

Show 5 begins with a new segment, News and Notes, a brief comment on happenings that doesn’t necessarily require much discussion.

At 6:44, Bill and Stig discuss The Pastry War, a downtown Houston bar.

At 17:29, Stig and Bill discuss the Texas Tech “Politically Challenged” video.

At 24:30, Bill and Stig talk about the Dallas Cowboy’s hashtag and other sporting news.

At 27:34, Stig has concert listings, Bill gets a phone, and Stig dives into Game of Thrones on CD.

The Pastry War

Game of Thrones “A Clash of Kings” Audiobook (iTunes)

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Estoy Sentado Aqui” -Los Lobos (iTunes)
  • “Mambo Mexicano!” – Sergio Mendoza y La Orkesta (iTunes)
  • “Baby Let Me Kiss You” – King Floyd (iTunes)
  • “New Frontier” – Counting Crows (iTunes)