Show 129 – Super Bowl and Music Weekend

TMBG at White Oak

Show 129 starts with a semi-inebriated co-host and a discussion of what’s coming up on the show including what Bill and Stig are drinking.

Musical Break – TMBG “Your Racist Friend”

At 3:12, Stig and Bill break down the Super Bowl and the halftime show and commercials. Special attention is given to sound issues and production. J.J Watts’ award is also mentioned.

Musical Break – Kaleo “Broken Bones”

At 12:13, Stig hates on Facebook due to bad memories. Bill and Stig talk about the recent They Might Be Giants show at White Oak Music Hall. Stig also mentions the tribute band trend as well as noting the new Giant Kitty album and in-store appearance at Cactus Records.

Musical Break – TMBG “Wicked Little Critter”

At 19:53, Bill and Stig talk a bit about Dial-A-Song. Stig gives you the info on the Rockets. Stig then talks about Bill nailing the CR bill analysis. Stig references “The Gist” and a parody piece on Jabba the Hut. The Alley has a personnel change for all the wrong reasons. Dan Patrick is ruining the Olympics. The show ends with what’s new for the guys.


Show 22 – The Jinx and Legislative Monkey Business

Show 22 begins with a local State Represenative messing with our craft breweries. There’s also discussion on two other ill-advised bills.

At 10:50, Stig and Bill update the R. Kelly concert plans, Rockets and Dynamo schedules, note that the NCAA Basketball tournament makes a stop at the NRG, and one sticker for all runs into problems.

At 21:04, Bill has some drinking corrections, Stig follows Robert Durst down a long sad hallway, Astroworld is for sale, and Bill promotes G’Raj Mahal and the Roller Derby.

Astroworld for Sale

Houston Roller Derby

Music featured in this episode:

  • “A Case of Coors Beer” – Austin Lounge Lizards (iTunes)
  • “Jackrabbit” – San Fermin  (iTunes)

Show 12 – New Years Eve and Our Resolutions

Show 12 starts with a roundup of Stig and Bill’s holiday activities and then we discuss Bill’s clothing optional party offer. They wrap up the segment with New Year Eve options in Houston.

At 12:56, Bill discusses chocolate diamonds.

At 21:50, Stig reviews the current film “Into The Woods”, Bill talks about The Gist’s OPP and the podcast Serial.

At 32:48, Bill and Stig discuss the Texans season and make a few resolutions to wrap up the show.

The 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever

The Gist Podcast

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Attitude Chicken” – Bob Geldof (iTunes)
  • “Banjo Players in Heaven” – Austin Lounge Lizards (iTunes)
  • “Prologue: Into The Woods” – Cast (iTunes)