Show 22 – The Jinx and Legislative Monkey Business

Show 22 begins with a local State Represenative messing with our craft breweries. There’s also discussion on two other ill-advised bills.

At 10:50, Stig and Bill update the R. Kelly concert plans, Rockets and Dynamo schedules, note that the NCAA Basketball tournament makes a stop at the NRG, and one sticker for all runs into problems.

At 21:04, Bill has some drinking corrections, Stig follows Robert Durst down a long sad hallway, Astroworld is for sale, and Bill promotes G’Raj Mahal and the Roller Derby.

Astroworld for Sale

Houston Roller Derby

Music featured in this episode:

  • “A Case of Coors Beer” – Austin Lounge Lizards (iTunes)
  • “Jackrabbit” – San Fermin  (iTunes)

Show 12 – New Years Eve and Our Resolutions

Show 12 starts with a roundup of Stig and Bill’s holiday activities and then we discuss Bill’s clothing optional party offer. They wrap up the segment with New Year Eve options in Houston.

At 12:56, Bill discusses chocolate diamonds.

At 21:50, Stig reviews the current film “Into The Woods”, Bill talks about The Gist’s OPP and the podcast Serial.

At 32:48, Bill and Stig discuss the Texans season and make a few resolutions to wrap up the show.

The 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever

The Gist Podcast

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Attitude Chicken” – Bob Geldof (iTunes)
  • “Banjo Players in Heaven” – Austin Lounge Lizards (iTunes)
  • “Prologue: Into The Woods” – Cast (iTunes)