Show 72 – Warehouse Live, Tour de France, and Astros

Comic Strip at Wherehouse Live

Comic Strip at Wherehouse Live

Show 72 starts at Warehouse Live with Stig and Bill discussing what they aren’t drinking and what’s coming up on this episode.

At 3:46, Stig talks about Bill torturing him with various GoFundMe pages. Stig then talks about the promotional insert for the Comic Strip show. Bill and Stig then talk about Mr. Robot 2.0 and the 4th of July holiday. Stig then mentions Freedom over Texas and the Suffers performance.

At 13:58, Bill and Stig turn their attention to the great play of the Astros along with a bit of All-Star game talk. Stig then talks about the second Texan to ever ride the Tour de France.

At 23:17, Bill and Stig talk a little about Sam Demaris and the Whiskey Brothers. Bill then complains about Dan Patrick’s logic with comments after the recent Dallas shooting. Bill and Stig then talk changes in regulations with abortions.

At 29:11, audience members share some comments about Comic Strip. Sam Demaris gives good sound.

At 31:02, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what new to them this week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Take A Hint” – Victoria Justice  (iTunes)
  • “Doctor! Doctor!” – Thompson Twins (iTunes)
  • “I Blew It Off” – The Punch Brothers (iTunes)
  • “Naked and Famous” – The Presidents of the United States (iTunes)