Show 54 – Open Carry, Bowl Games, Texas Sues the EPA

Show starts with Stig and Bill exchanging New Years’ greetings and discussing their drinks. After a bit of talk about what each did for the holiday, Stig previews what’s coming up on the show.

At 5:41, Stig and Bill discuss the new “open carry” law which went into effect on January 1st. They also talk about the concept of “safe” zones and a list of establishments stance on allowing guns in or out.

At 17:31, Bill and Stig discuss a few of the recent bowl games. Stig also tells about his first experience at Allen Fieldhouse. The segment ends with talk about the Texans playoff future.

At 27:59, Bill brings an outstanding report on the state suing the EPA. The show concludes with Stig and Bill telling what is new for each of them for week.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Jumping Jack Flash” – Peter Frampton (iTunes)
  • “Happiness is a Warm Gun” – Tori Amos (iTunes)
  • “Point of No Return” – Kansas (iTunes)

Show 51 – Runoff Elections, Star Wars, Nutcracker, and Science!!

Stig and Bill start Show 51 with a complaint about “seasonal” beer. Stig mentions a little about his Brooklyn trip and low energy week.

At 5:32, Stig goes into depth about his annual trip to the Nutcracker performance at the Wortham. Bill tells about his plan to take in the three previous Star Wars films in the next couple of weeks. The term “spatchcock” is then discussed.

At 15:39, Stig and Bill discuss the week’s sporting news including UH football, Texas and Texas Tech, and Rockets change their coach.

At 22:45, Bill and Stig go over some of the runoff election details. Also Bill give a bit of info about his upcoming anti-holiday party on December 12th.

At 32:15, Stig and Bill discuss what is new to them this week.