Show 6 – The Death of Comcast Sports Net Houston

Show 6 is a special interest show about the evolution of sports broadcasting in Houston. We are joined by John Royal who covered the story of the demise of Comcast Sports Net Houston for a blog for the Houston Press.

With a new broadcast entity for the Rockets and Astros, we take a look at what happened over the last couple of years, reflect back on the history of broadcasting sports in Houston, and contemplate the future for viewers.

Show 6 starts with the announcement of

At 4:35, an interview with John Royal about the death of Comcast Sports Net Houston and sports broadcasting history in Houston.

At 16:19, Part 2 of our interview with John Royal.

At 26:36, Bill and Stig discuss “Too Many Cooks”

At 31:56, Bill tell us about his new home appliance and Stig considers the art of Nick Anderson

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You can find “Too Many Cooks” on YouTube

Nick Anderson

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Sports Fan” – The Tubes (iTunes)
  • “The Sporting Life” – The Decemberists (iTunes)
  • “Effington” – Ben Folds (iTunes)


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