Show 20 – Almost Springtime in Houston?

Show 20 starts with Bill and Stig correcting their Oscars talk and Bill takes in a live show.

At 10:24, Stig has had too much coffee but talk turns to things of spring including SXSW, the Astros, random bike rides, softball leagues.

At 18:56, Bill and Stig give news of a few upcoming concerts of note, Stig has been utilizing his FitBit too much, Bill brings more idiotic news from the Texas legislature.

The show wraps up with a popular TV host stealing Bill’s material!


Music featured in this episode:

  • “Stripes” – Brandy Clark (iTunes)
  • “Never There” – Cake  (iTunes)

There were various sound clips from “Charlie Wilson’s War” which I finally finished watching this week on an airplane.

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