Show 24 – All About That Dome, James Glassman Interview, 8th Wonder Brewing

Bill and Stig Dome

Show 24 starts with Bill and Stig talking about what they’ve done since the last show along with drink selections.

At 5:29, the discussion of the Astrodome’s 50th birthday party starts.

At 8:24, Stig’s interview with James Glassman from about the Dome’s history and future.

James Glassman from

James Glassman from


At 17:50, Stig quizes Bill with Astrodome history.

At 23:21, Bill and Stig discuss the Astros second game of the season and Rockets climb to the playoffs.

At 30:18, Bill talks about Texas liquor laws, Stig talks about the bayou trails again, and both discuss Game of Thrones.

Happy 50th Birthday!!

Happy 50th Birthday!!

8th Wonder Brewery Tap Room Hours

Texas Taco Music Festival

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Make Some Room” – The Suffers (iTunes)
  • “Love Ya Blue” –  (YouTube)

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