Show 31 – Women’s World Cup and Processional Arts Workshop

Show 31 starts with Bill discussing his week with WWDC and cleanup at Olivewood Cemetery as well as a trip to the Gaslamp Bar in Midtown. Stig has ethical decisions with a rental car.

Olivewood Cemetery

At 11:12, Stig talks about the Belmont Stakes and working in “horse” country. Both Stig and Bill begin a discussion on the 2015 Women’s World Cup. Stig also talks about an article Bill sent him on the famous Brandi Chastain photo from 1999.

How The Most Iconic Photo in Women’s Soccer Was Almost Never Taken

At 20:25, Stig describes making “art” along with his wife at the Processional Arts Workshop. Bill talks about a solution should the Astros get rid of Tal’s Hill.

At 33:17, Stig talk about yet another drone that crosses his radar along with being irritated at AT&T. Bill finds a new soccer team in Houston.

Lily Camera

Houston Aces

Music featured in this episode:

  • “The Ghosts That Haunt Me” – Crash Test Dummies (iTunes)
  • “Jukin’” – Atlanta Rhythm Section  (iTunes)
  • “Little Bit Stupid” – Joe Jackson Band (iTunes)
  • “Bad Attitude” – Honeymoon Suite (iTunes)

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