Show 33 – Legislative Review and Bicycle Dangers

Show 33 starts with Bill and Stig discussing the previous weekends’ events and their beverages of choice.

At 4:21, Bill talks about attending a legislative review of the past state’s session hosted in Houston by the Texas Tribune. The two also give a little commentary on the past Pride Week’s activities.

At 14:33, Stig discusses the ongoing danger of bicycling in Houston. Recently in Houston, there’s been a spike in fatalities. A full show was dedicated to this issue – Show 10.

At 18:58, Bill reports on the new port in town along with his attendance at “Men for Choice”. Stig and Bill then wrap up the week with what’s new for both of themselves.

Texas Tribune

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Penthouse to Pavement” – Drink Me (Discogs)
  • “In Spite of Ourselves” – John Prine with Iris DeMent  (iTunes)
  • “Flowers for Zoe” – Lenny Kravitz (iTunes)
  • “Back In My Arms” – Robert Palmer (iTunes)

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