Show 41 – Astros, Texans, Cobert, and Burning Man

Show 41 starts with Bill and Stig talking about their beers and the previous weekend. Bill has surgery and pays for the sins of his childhood.

At 7:02, Bill and Stig discuss the Texan’s first game of the season and quarterback issues already. Also discussed is a bit of college football and a discussion of charging visiting bands for their seats on the road.

At 18:29, Stig and Bill break down the Astro’s schedule and the run to the pennant race. The recent twitter fued between @astros and A’s fans in Oakland is also covered.

At 25:59, Bill and Stig talk about Stephen Cobert’s debut on Network TV. Stig complains about the streaming issues he’s having with Xfinity. A satire of the commercialization of Burning Man by Quizno’s is also discussed.

At 37:20, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new to each of them. Bill will have a guest, Stig runs fartleks.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Seamus” – Pink Floyd (iTunes)
  • “Shadows In The Rain” – Sting  (iTunes)
  • “Neon Fists” – Yellow Ostrich (iTunes)
  • “Rescue, Mister” – Trust (iTunes)


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