Show 46 – Murder Was The Charge, Astros Lose

Show 46 starts with a discussion of this weeks’ beers, pumpkin spice, and a preview of the rest of the episode.

At 3:50, Bill begins telling about serving on a murder trial jury for the last couple of weeks.

At 15:05, the discussion continues about the trial that Bill served on the jury.

At 25:59, Bill and Stig discuss the Astros final week. We also consider the death of Bevo and a little of college sports. Stig also mentions his nephew and a wedding they attended. We also wish Sue a Happy Birthday and meet good people eating sushi.

At 36:03, Stig and Bill wrap up the show with what’s new. Bill attends a reunion and Stig starts a new book made of actual paper.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Framed” – Little Feat (iTunes)
  • “Paper Planes” –M.I.A. (iTunes)
  • “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” – World Party (iTunes)
  • “Alright, Louie, Drop The Gun” – Louis Prima (iTunes)

One thought on “Show 46 – Murder Was The Charge, Astros Lose

  1. At one point Stig asks me, “Did it stay that way”. It seems like he’s asking me “did it stay congenial”, which it did. My answer was “no”. I thought his question at the time was “did [the vote] stay that way”. Damn pronouns.

    I mentioned the first trial was “also a mistrial”. Not technically correct. Both trials were hung juries. A mistrial is granted by the judge when something inappropriate occurs in the court, usually in front of the jury. When a jury becomes deadlocked, it is hung.

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