Show 60 – Naked Woman and SXSW Tips

How to get from South Austin to North Austin

How to get from South Austin to North Austin

Show 60 starts in the new secret location and questions regarding where people are downloading the show. Stig gives a preview of what’s coming up on the show and then Bill and Stig tell what they are drinking.

At 4:30, Bill talks about a recent tweet from @bshirley and then Stig and Bill discuss this week’s incident on 290 in which a naked woman tied up traffic for two hours. Stig then tells about other freeway incidents in the last few months.

At 13:53, Stig talks about recent Suffers sightings including the Dynamo home opener. Stig also talks about several memorials and funerals he’s attending in the last seven days. Bill and Stig wrap the segment with news on the opening of Johnny McElroy’s Pub and Patio.

At 22:48, the segment starts with a humorous graphic produced for SXSW. Bill and Stig then talk about SXSW including tips for getting around and finding shows. Bill also talks about Saturday’s festivities at the Austin Continental Club. Stig wraps the segment by telling about the upcoming March Madness Music Festival in Houston.

At 32:26, Stig talks about Ali Ollie Woodson and Bill talks about old house living.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Tired & Buttered” – Quilt (iTunes)
  • “Call Me” – St. Paul & the Broken Bones (iTunes)
  • “Hood Party” – Fat Tony (iTunes)
  • “Crazy Kids” – Keshia (iTunes)

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