Show 61 – SXSW Reviews, March Madness, Polka Pete

The Peterson Brothers

The Peterson Brothers

Show 61 starts with a bit of talk about tournament brackets and a correction about the McElroy’s downtown. The guys preview what’s coming up on the show and share what they are drinking.

At 4:26, the segment starts with a discussion of all things SXSW. The discussion includes some of the shows that were seen as well as hanging at the festival without a wristband.

At 18:58, Stig and Bill continue with a brief discussion of some of the results of March Madness and the NCAA basketball tournament. Stig gives the schedule for the upcoming March Madness Concerts at Discovery Green during the Final Four Weekend. Stig and Bill continue with a little talk about the NIT tournament.

At 28:03, Bill and Stig continue the sports theme with a little talk about the Rockets and the Dynamo. Stig then discusses an issue on how today’s news stories are written. Stig then talks about what’s new to him, Bill has famous sightings in Austin early on a Saturday morning.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Bass Solo” – The Peterson Brothers live at the Continental Club, Austin
  • “Everybody Out” – Al Scorch (iTunes)
  • “Let’s Roll” – Bob Schneider live at the Mucky Duck, Houston (iTunes)

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