Show 62 – NCAA Tournament and the Jesus Shot

Show 62 starts with a preview of what’s coming up on the show and Stig learns about nitrogen. A few overdue thank you’s are also given out.

At 4:42, Bill talks about the latest state scandal involving a Texas state official who went and got the “Jesus” shot in Oklahoma. Stig discusses a little of the oddities of this years NCAA basketball tournament.

At 18:09, Stig talks about a few odd home runs in baseball/softball games this past week. Stig also gives the sports schedules for April for the Houston sports teams.

At 25:28, Bill pulls the curtain back on our recording environment. He also talks about the CD release by Thrill and a new restaurant review. Stig’s wife replaces his 80’s boom box.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Little Bit Stupid” – Joe Jackson, Volume 4
  • “All The Girls Are Complicated” – Laura Cantrell (iTunes)
  • “Happy Belated” – Paper Holland (iTunes)

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