Show 68 – Texas Politics, State GOP Convention, Bathrooms!!

Show 68 starts with beer conversation and what’s coming up on the show, including bathroom legislation and odd happenings in Dallas.

At 3:44, Bill talks about purchasing rain barrels and we compliment Mitch Cohen on the launching of The Market at Sawyer Yards. Bill and Stig then breakdown various happenings at the Texas GOP convention in Dallas. We then answer the question, “Will Texas turn blue?”.

At 14:56, Stig and Bill discuss bathroom judgments and higher education. Bill talks about changing chromosome combinations. Bill wraps the segment with Paxton’s comments on Target’s bathroom policies.

At 28:06, Stig starts with the recent decisions to get rid of Uber and Lyft in Austin. Bill and Stig consider local government making regulations. Stig then gets upset with high definition laundry soap. Bill shares something new to watch, Stig suggests a new music video worth watching.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Don’t Believe the Hype” – Public Enemy  (iTunes)
  • “Brick” – Ben Folds Five (iTunes)
  • “YYZ” – Rush (iTunes)

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