Show 82 – Debate Number 2, Depressed Cake Sale, Upcoming Events!

Depressed Cake Sale

Depressed Cake Sale

Show 82 starts with Stig and Bill disclosing their beer choices for the week and what’s coming up on the show for this week.

At 3:42, Stig and Bill start the discussion on the weeks’ political news mostly concerning the second Presidential debate. Along the way, body mechanics are discussed along with millionaire’s tax returns. Bill makes comparisons between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

At 16:50, Stig turns the show to happier news with the Depressed Cake sale which was held last week. There was also some amusement with the Deep Eddy Vodka ambassador being a look-a-like. Stig and Bill then discuss the weeks sports news in an abbreviated segment.

At 25:42, Bill and Stig trade notes on all the upcoming events on their calendars. Bill is ready for Echo and the Bunnymen. Elvis Costello plays Revention. Java Muses favorite, Thrill, play the Hellcat Cafe. Also this weekend, the Taste of the Caribbean and the Korean Festival along with the Brazilian Festival on Sunday.

At 30:11, Stig adds to the calendar the Moonlight Ramble on October 22nd. Also on the same day, Tacolandia! compliments of the Houston Press.

At 34:52, Bill brings OPEC news to the table. For the new things this week, Stig goes cerebral with being happy with his work, Bill covers and online comic, Questionable Content.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “O.G. Original Gangster” – Ice-T  (iTunes)
  • “Manic Depression” – Jimi Hendrix Experience (iTunes)
  • “Pump It Up” – El-Co (Private Collection)
  • “Ken Bone” – Stephen Robert (YouTube)
  • “Vanz Kant Danz” – John Fogerty (iTunes)


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