Show 83 – Sod Worms, Rise Up, Musical Festivals.

Rise Up stage in the desert!

Rise Up stage in the desert!

Show 83 starts with Stig’s obscure reference to Ice-T last week and talk of the current moon. Bill and Stig also mention the Nerg and cupcakes get shared after all. The intro ends with beer mentions, Rocketfuel and Uncommon Cowboy.

At 5:41, Stig starts with a bit of analysis on the NBC Sunday Night Football open. Bill discusses his sod webworms. He then talks about his disappointment with the House of Blues.

At 14:22, Stig talks about his recent job at the Rise Up as One concert on the border. Bill informs about the Wicked East End Music Festival along with the upcoming Light Rock Express Show. Stig give a nod to the Houston Mural Festival going on this week.

At 21:55, Stig tells about the Good Vibes Only HTX Block Party. Stig and Bill also talk about the upcoming Houston Cinema Arts Festival. Stig also share a way around the Home button push needed with the new Apple iPhone software.

At 28:48, Bill and Stig wrap up the show sharing what’s new for themselves and just a bit of discussion on how to watch the third and final presidential debate.

Music featured in this episode:

  • “Moonshine – Futuristic Remix” – Bruno Mars  (iTunes)
  • “Bring On The Dancing Horses” – Echo & the Bunnymen (iTunes)
  • “Stolen Dance” – Milky Chance (iTunes)
  • “Cartoon Heroes” – Serten Purpose (iTunes)




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